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I Request Closing Project-Revival.

By bringing back the ZombieMod Flair and Gaming, Counter-Strike: Source needs in this time.

I' think i speak for all when i say Ambient & Challenge Requires ZombieMod.

This Modification has lost years ago on Character, by Copy/Paste and such.

The First Formal tipp is to turn of revival:

zr_zspawn "1"
  // Override spawn team when spawning by means of ZSpawn.
  // Default: "1"
  zr_zspawn_team_override "1"
  // Spawn player on zombie team when spawning by means of ZSpawn. [Dependency: zr_zspawn_team_override | Override: zr_respawn_team_zombie]
  // Default: "0"
  zr_zspawn_team_zombie "1"
  // Block players disconnecting and rejoing the game using zspawn.
  // Default: "1"
  zr_zspawn_block_rejoin "1"
  // Put a time limit on the use of ZSpawn.
  // Default: "1"
  zr_zspawn_timelimit "1"
  // Time from the start of the round to allow ZSpawn. [Dependency: zr_zspawn_timelimit]
  // Default: "120.0"
  zr_zspawn_timelimit_time "0.01"
  // Spawn player on the zombie team AFTER the timelimit is up. ['-1' = Block ZSpawn | '0' = Spawn as human | '1' = Spawn as zombie | Dependency: zr_zspawn_timelimit]
  // Default: "1"
  zr_zspawn_timelimit_zombie "1"

More Details and Porjects can be talked Private.



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