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    • Hello, I am Captain Chewbacca, you can call me Chewy or Chewie for short, or whatever you want to call me (i dont care :P). I work in the Veterinary Field, for now i am a vet assistant, maybe next year i will goto school to become a Vet Tech. I live in North Carolina, US. I have a dog and cat, which i really love. I have a "special needs" sister, who i also care deeply for. I have been playing on your ZE server for a while and have enjoyed myself a lot :). I also am an Admin for the community ElitE HunterZ. If you have any questions you can alawys ask me :)   Chewie
    • Вы были приняты. Свяжитесь со мной если есть какие либо вопросы или проблемы.
    • Ваш ник: R1$k

      Ваш SteamID: STEAM_0:0:114498787

      Любимый сервер: CS:S Zombie Escape

      Откуда вы? Россия / Russia

      Вы STEAM или NO-STEAM пользователь? STEAM

    • this version is good 10/10 but is long and idk where is trigger
    • Победители вознаграждены | Winners rewarded STEAM_0:0:37146012 (3 maps win) (6 days)
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