Hello everyone. Glad to be back

MrJellee    1

Hello everyone!
Name's Jelly. Mr Jelly.

My time in this server was 2 years ago, in the summer of 2016. I used to watch a YouTuber and always wanted to play Zombie Escape, so I started in this server. Started out, I think December of 2015, or in May of 2016. I used to play a lot back in 16's summer. Used to play at least 3 hours every day. But then, I stopped for some reason. I didn't really play any other games and recently started playing a few other games, but then I was nostalgic about this server. So joined back. 

My first name was FoxKiller, then The Revenger, then JellyVonSweesch, and then finally MrJelly,

Back in those days, I used to talk to a guy called Josh who I really liked, but then he stopped coming online, or changed his name without me knowing or something. I haven't seen him since, and I really miss him. If you are reading this, Josh. HEY!

So, that's my introduction! I'll really like it being back, but sad thing is that I'll be leaving in 10 days to some other place for studies and won't be playing for 2 YEARS... But glad to be back!

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