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Genso V2

Hope    103

After going through all the test Genso one by one, he'd finally decided to release the original one. 

Full Map Name: ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_0

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QDd2K5kMMU3dU-Z2ty0dBulSUdLGigaZ/view

Stages: 1- [Normal Mode]

Stages 2- [Hard Mode]

Stages 3- [Soul Mode]

Apparently stage 1 & 2 were regular game-play mode, laser & boss are only on final stage.

Few of teaser

Stage 1

Stage 2



Stage 320181012201203_1.jpg






Map detail: Unfortunately there were no items. 


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Hope    103

host Genso v2 event by next weekend on Saturday? :really:

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