nomination not working!!?

hifielie    4

i created a server. it has all plugins installed. I have installed map chooser extended and nomination extended plugin and it work just like nide but the problem is:


When I nominate a map e.g !nominate.

suppose i nominate westersand it says

[NE] hifielie has nominate ze_FFVII_Westersand_v7_2.


But when i type !nomlist it doesnt show my nominated maps . actually nomlist in not working or installed.







When i want to nominate mako. instead of nominating by typing !nominate


we use !nominate mako


But when i type !nominate mako. it says


Map mako not found.






CAN anybody fix my problem


link to plugin


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Pivovaric    439

Это проект найд, а не форум для обсуждения других проектов. Ищите свой ответ в специальных форумах посвященных серверам и плагинам. В ином случае я забаню любого за рекламу.

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