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    Скины которые были удаленны | Removed skins: Новые скины | New skins: It's not over yet. If find some cool skins we will add them on server. Also you can suggest for new VIP skins here
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    Я сделал плагин, который будет давать доступ к специальным скинам для игроков, которые находятся в TOP 50 на наших Zombie Escape и Zombie Revival серверах. Скины я еще не выбрал, и я думаю было бы хорошо сделать этот выбор вместе, так что нажимаем по ссылке ниже и предлагаем свои варианты Ссылка: http://nide-css.ru/index.php?/forums/topic/1267-top-players-skins-suggestion-predlozheniya-po-skinam-dlya-top-igrokov/ I have made a plugin which will give access to special skins for players, whos in the TOP 50 on our Zombie Escape and Zombie Revival servers. I still didn't choose the skins, and i think thats would be good if we choose them together, so press on the link below and make your suggestions. Link: http://nide-css.ru/index.php?/forums/topic/1267-top-players-skins-suggestion-predlozheniya-po-skinam-dlya-top-igrokov/
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    Yes, of course you are the sole victim again and did nothing wrong. You played for 5 minutes and all what you managed to say was: gay. go use you kid power admin. lol kz is sucker dick. kuz sucker dick. lol you rage? for dick?. lol kid. kiss my ass bot kid. As you can see from the video, I told you to stop provoking others. That is all what you are trying to do. You come to the server just to annoy and insult people and then cry when you get muted. Maybe it is your fault?????????
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    Stress-нагрузка была окончена в 07:08 по мск. Увеличена скорость загрузки карт на 20% в 07:20 по мск. На этом профилактические работы завершены. Сервер доступен для игры. Результаты можете наблюдать ниже: zm_ancientfinal - - - - zm_app7e_betterbworld + zm_back_to_muhosransk_v1_1 + zm_black_mesa_panic + zm_canyon + zm_cocktail + zm_crazycity + zm_entrepot_v2 + zm_gorodok_v1 + zm_idm_hauntedhouse_v1 - + zm_impossibru_skyhigh_v1 + ZM_Krusty_krab_a3 + zm_lila_import_v1 + zm_lila_metal + zm_little_city_v7_roy + zm_mini_polygon_v1 + zm_natalyas_ship_v3 - - - + / Script + zm_nomercy_airport_evo_v2 + Zm_Nuke_Final_RT + zm_ocx_orly_v4 + zm_panic + zm_roy_the_ship + zm_titan_dust_v2b + Zm_Toxa_Cold + Zm_Toxa_West_v2 + zm_toxic_house_css_v3 + zm_umbrella_corp + zm_wts_base_v3_fix + zm_ZombieChaos_rebuilt3_fixed + Из 29 карт, только 1 не прошла стресс проверку и была удалена из сервера. Остальные карты, помеченные зелёным цветом, доступны для игры на сервере. Приятной игры.
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    Ok guys, what do we have here: We failed so much. 3:18 without rebuy on hard map = the worst score in my life. I turned on rebuys, maybe something should happen... And... It happens. Miracle does a solo win on Lv4, he will get +7days of his reward (main reward + 7 days), special thanks for qppi for overdefending the people at lasers and sacrificing. He will get +5days of his reward. What about event by itself..? In case, we abused. With many times. But that was an experiment, which has been successful. Harder event = more interesting to play. But it goes to be fail: people got tired a lot, many players had left, and insanely hard lv4, which make me get shocked btw. So I had managed to turn on rebuys and do the normal nades. After finishing lv4, we had 20 minutes to finish the map. In fact, it was clearly impossible to beat lv5. I made the analyses and make verdicts: 1. People are got tired of playing 160 (!) minutes of the map and reaching the hardest boss in-game. 2. People didn't know what to do / how to avoid his attacks / any plans to kill Medusa. 3. 35 people. Fewer players = harder to beat. That's why I abused and made stack Medusa to win the map. In fact, no one should get rewarded, but I will reward every winner of the map (and other levels of course). Thank you guys for taking part in this extremely hard event. I will reward everyone tomorrow, cuz it's 1 AM and I want to sleep. Good night guys.
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    Another one report without sense...
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    Any guy may be on spot as a solo guy or with the team. @ire was right: there is no rule for people, who reaching the spot (climbable with props only too) and not letting other people reach it. If he will try to destroy spot (or props) of another people, then yes, he will be punished. Let's awaits InGame to make a verdict. For my opinion, he's not guilty.
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    Ваши предложения Можете предлагать скины людей и зомби и потом мы сделаем голосование в котором выберем лучшие скины. P.S. Если Вы не знаете для чего создана эта тема, просьба прочитать это объявление Your Suggestions You can suggest human and zombie skins and then we will make poll in which we choose the best skins If you don't know for what was this topic created, please read this announcement
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    Ура! Теперь на сервере есть 29 новых карт и играть станет интересней)
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    Write the name of your favorite actor and attach a hyph picture or just a picture with his participation I will begin The Unparalleled Amanda Bynes
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    Not guilty. Just because stop trying to insult the admin, by recording video. Play peace, no one love war. If you will catch REAL abuse from him - only then create a topic.
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    @SatyriasiS Baby, calm down.ire was right. All already understood that you are playing just to create some new scandal, and then immediately run to the forum and create a new application. Let's close this thread already?
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    Considering that you are only trying to cause trouble by answering like that, I find the mute extremely reasonable.
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    @SatyriasiS As I said, you constantly have some problem with the player. It's no longer funny to make out 3 complaints for one and the same player.
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    Чтобы подать Заявку на Присоединение, Вам необходимо создать новую тему в этом разделе, в названии который написать свой ник на наших серверах. Форма Заявки на Присоединение: 1. Ваш ник: 2. Ваш SteamID (Как узнать свой SteamID в игре?): 3. Любимый сервер (будет активировано на всех серверах, просто ради статистики): 4. Откуда вы?: 5. STEAM / NO-STEAM: Если вы NO-STEAM игрок 5.1. На какие сервера хотите получить мембера (CS:S / CS:GO): English verision To Apply for Membership You must to create new topic in this section in which name write your nickname on our servers. Application Form: 1. Your nickname: 2. Your SteamID (How to find your SteamID in-game?): 3. Favorite server (will activate on all servers, just for statistic): 4. Where are you from?: 5. STEAM / NO-STEAM: If you're NO-STEAM player 5.1. Which servers do you want to get a member (CS:S / CS:GO):
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    автор скина просто мудак, файлы для загрузки с большими буквами, а в файле с кодом всё с маленькими, а в таких вещах регистр очень важен
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    Human : https://gamebanana.com/skins/129118 Zombie : https://gamebanana.com/skins/136558
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    List of winners: | Cirno | STEAM_0:1:165712210 | Final level + 2 levels | 6 days VIP (8640) | + | Shy Neko | STEAM_0:1:56190679 | Final level | 5 days VIP (7200) | + | keb | STEAM_0:1:86766914 | Final level | 5 days VIP (7200) | + | Lychatec | STEAM_0:0:88944086 | Final level | 5 days VIP (7200) | + | Paracox | STEAM_0:0:4413733 | 4 levels | 4 days VIP (5760) | + | S]*[H]*[A]*[D]*[O]*[W]|| | STEAM_0:0:423192016 | 4 levels | 4 days VIP (5760) | + | Alcolo Oasis | STEAM_0:0:47592795 | 3 levels | 3 days VIP (4320) | + | Quadon4 | STEAM_0:0:80745117 | 3 levels | 3 days VIP (4320) | + | FOGG | STEAM_0:0:1866530387 | 3 levels | 3 days VIP (4320) | + | Microrost | STEAM_0:0:58001308 | 3 levels | 3 days VIP (4320) | + | GrAvItY | STEAM_0:0:31490576 | 3 levels | 3 days VIP (4320) | + | No.1 Nide Trihard | STEAM_0:1:126037115 | 3 levels | 3 days VIP (4320) | + | Nephilim | STEAM_0:0:60283357 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Qhs mesrine | STEAM_0:1:19056822 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Faister | STEAM_0:1:183225255 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | HP | STEAM_0:0:1793122692 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Devilust | STEAM_0:0:2051601566 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | ( ).( ) | STEAM_0:0:26537230 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Sakuya Izayoi | STEAM_0:0:124722260 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Hurza | STEAM_0:0:2056214880 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Waffel | STEAM_0:0:205165205 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | Ramzi | STEAM_0:0:19880929 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + | VENOM | STEAM_0:0:176258228 | 2 levels | 1 day VIP (1440) | + Congratulation for winners! If you are not on this list, you have permanent VIP \ didn't reach the minimum levels to get reward Rewarding...
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    Stalker Ultimate - level 3 Stalker Ultimate - level 4 Stalker Ultimate - level 5
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    1. , - это его ник (он же Фунтик,он же фейковый inGame) 2. ZR 3. Его пиратка STEAM_0:0:1942778637 Его основной акк STEAM_0:0:91168023 4. https://imgur.com/a/BfY25 5.Блин,занесите его в ЧС проекта,а я вам донатить буду каждый месяц! Ибо он заколе*ал,я его не хочу видеть на сервере! Да вы сами сути не понимаете? Не может он вести себя адекватно! Не понимает как надо себя вести,ну значит шуруй,от сюда,тут играют адекватный люди. А такими игроками только позорите сервер! Ну,а суть такова. Он мне что-то втирал про синий кит,про даунов,про детей которые умирают. Я его игнорил,он дальше писал,потом началась та же история,что и месяц назад.
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    на сервер деньги не уходят, потому он и пустой собственно
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    Let's take a look at what we have: HΣLL had just infected SatyriasiS and said "Bot" for him, which looks not tolerated for normal admin. it is evident that SatyriasiS was provoked by HΣLL ™, but after watching more, the story repeating conversely. If you weigh all the pros and cons, the administrator is GUILTY, (because of the provocation of the player SatyriasiS). But the fault is not as critical as it would seem. Because in the end it turns out that the player SatyriasiS received silence (on the case). Therefore, both players receive a warning for inappropriate behavior on the server.
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    you are a true schoolboy .. you're always crying but you insult other players (me ,kuzbas,ire ) but if they do it with you then you will come and cry to the boss REALLY SCHOOLBOY!(10years..)
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    Yes yes normally play and normally insulting and normally coming to the server just to insult
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    Мне как активному игроку ZR,каждый день надоело видеть одни и те же карты (скажу честно я начал вас чуть-чуть предавать,играя на зарубежных ZR проектах). Если вам интересно могу скинуть список состоящий из десятка карт. Все карты в этом списке предназначены только для Zombie Revival серверов. Дайте знать об этом в комментариях)
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    This man in my profile pic, Christopher Lee. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Lee
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    Maybe we'll agree?
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    @SatyriasiS Address yourself
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    @SatyriasiS I protect and I will protect my friends, but do you understand, is an intelligent person laying out a video on youtube?
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    It seems like you are only playing for trying to cause trouble and conflicts. You clearly knew that there was no any reason that answer like that, so no wonder you got muted.
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    @SatyriasiS Now you have 3 complaints per week. ONE SINGLE SAME PLAYER!
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    But if you want :* hahahahah
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    Я тут причём,чёткая Испанская песенка)
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    @(2) ну и пусть заценит.большинство людей слушая иностранных исполнителей, даже не знают о чём поётся в песне
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    Не,ну а чо,девушке нравится
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    Hi my nickname is Yuudachi clan : ={Dz Fors]= my css is no-steam Server : Zombie Escape Country : Algeria Age: 25 Hope You Accept Me
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    Выдан мут на чат и микрофон, срок 1 месяц
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