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    >>>[STAGE 1] Poncher Monkey Temple<<< >>>Stage 2: Islam<<< >>>Stage 3: Prison<<<
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    I fixed some things and added some material that could be interesting to some of you guys. ze_last_man_standing_v5_1 Gamebanana Link Download now and get the Special Edition! Access to the .vmf file to check and look at the map in the editor. Full Changelog, Credits, Music and Legacy Information. gkuo88 old LMS guides Promotional Material Based on a post-apocalyptic future where the last remains of the humanity will activate the final device for killing all zombies around the globe. Four stages, four generators. The humans objective: activate all the generators and defend the main core in the fifth stage. The map tries to keep the shape and gameplay of the classic maps No mass teleports to force players to move ahead. No invisible walls. All ways are connected with no teleports. Wide paths Intense action due the lack of helps to the human team The map, although, includes modern maps features. Human items (stages 2,4,5) Zombie items (stage 3,5) Stages system Extreme mode Player controlled boss Event system
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    @Struppi Hey. we have never played it, but we will try to play it in an event
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    as I'm Brazilian, I'll have to search Russian time for here ... I do not want to miss this event (͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
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    And the winners and prizes?
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    yes, D Insane stage. More difficult
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    @PàràdOx just enjoy the game =) I did not touch anyone. I see no point in this conversation, especially in this section =)
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