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    You need to play not for rewards and points, but for the sake of the game) who and what is deserved,they will always get the console gives the data.
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    @SiLVeR where did you win 4 levels? show)) Level 2, we did not pass, but gave points. then we passed it. you have passed 3 levels. There are statistics of the console. Why are you trying to deceive me?) I passed two levels, but I also have 100 points more))) we played level 2 twice, but I posted another screen) but I'm taking the data from the console. there everything is clearly visible) next time for such a deception, I will give you a ban, not a reward.
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    @Cloud Strife[ZA] выдается постепенно, ты не один. Cloud Strife 19.07.2018 15:58:34 5 days 22 hours
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    может сегодня продолжим :D
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    4-35 нормально для первого раза))) 5 часов, пролетели в мучениях)))
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    Time: Today 12.07.2018, 6 pm in Moscow (3 pm GMT) Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE-Css.Ru :: Rank|FastDL|SSD Full Map Name: ze_S_A_M_a40_css Server IP: CONNECT Event Duration: 3-4 hours should be enough. Rewards: The passage of each stage will give you two days of VIP. Rules: Absolutely no griefing of any kind, offenders will be punished accordingly for the duration of the event at least (Punishments may be longer depending on the offense). Voice chat should be mostly relevant to the game, do not disrupt the leadership. Do not sit in the spectator team or you will be kicked. Only ACTIVE admins may spectate. General server rules apply which are found here Invite all your friends for the event. Make a fun and exciting event! If you have any questions or recommendations, you can leave a comment here. Russian version Просмотреть полную запись
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    i know what the reason of this problem but i dont know how to fix it. Working on it
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    Awards will be issued tomorrow, today I'm lazy)
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    mb i'll add more skins to vip in future. We will see.
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