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    Hello, I am Captain Chewbacca, you can call me Chewy or Chewie for short, or whatever you want to call me (i dont care :P). I work in the Veterinary Field, for now i am a vet assistant, maybe next year i will goto school to become a Vet Tech. I live in North Carolina, US. I have a dog and cat, which i really love. I have a "special needs" sister, who i also care deeply for. I have been playing on your ZE server for a while and have enjoyed myself a lot :). I also am an Admin for the community ElitE HunterZ. If you have any questions you can alawys ask me :) Chewie
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    @Hope вы можете сами организовать событие в удобное для вас время))))для этого нет ограничения. Выбираете карту, время))) Только мне нужен будет скриншот и данные с выжившими (из консоли). Новость на форуме и steam группе вешайте только сами)))
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    As voted in the forum the next map will be ze_FFXII_Paramina_Rift_v1_4. Time: On Saturday 11.08.2018, 6 pm in Moscow (3 pm GMT) Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE-Css.Ru :: Rank|FastDL|SSD Server IP: CONNECT Event Duration: 2-3 hours should be enough. Rewards: The players who won map will be rewarded with 5 days VIP. Rules: Absolutely no griefing of any kind, offenders will be punished accordingly for the duration of the event at least (Punishments may be longer depending on the offense). Voice chat should be mostly relevant to the game, do not disrupt the leadership. Do not sit in the spectator team or you will be kicked. Only ACTIVE admins may spectate. General server rules apply which are found here Invite all your friends for the event. Make a fun and exciting event! If you have any questions or recommendations, you can leave a comment here. Russian version Просмотреть полную запись
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