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    Hi ! 300*100 Good Luck ! Thank !
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    Time: On Saturday 21.07.2018, 5 pm in Moscow (2 pm GMT) Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE-Css.Ru :: Rank|FastDL|SSD Full Map Name: ze_lila_panic_escape_hellz_v2 Special Kickers: At extreme stages, the lights will be turned off. Server IP: CONNECT Event Duration: 2-3 hours should be enough. Rewards: The players who won map will be rewarded with 5 days VIP. Rules: Absolutely no griefing of any kind, offenders will be punished accordingly for the duration of the event at least (Punishments may be longer depending on the offense). Voice chat should be mostly relevant to the game, do not disrupt the leadership. Do not sit in the spectator team or you will be kicked. Only ACTIVE admins may spectate. General server rules apply which are found here Invite all your friends for the event. Make a fun and exciting event! If you have any questions or recommendations, you can leave a comment here. Russian version
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    Write the name of your favorite actor and attach a hyph picture or just a picture with his participation I will begin The Unparalleled Amanda Bynes
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    This my first and ever tutorial that I ever made and upload in YouTube, By the way, I was so drunk while I recording this video and, also sorry for my bad Accent. Because I currently speak 7 language and sometimes it troublesome especially, when I talk different language and while I'm drunk or high Anyway I hope this retard drunk ass video help you!!!!!
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    I think it would be a good idea but no prize will be awarded (VIP) they want to feel the emotion of passing a map "That would be Cool"
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    I decided to do once a month event on Sunday. But we gonna play only simple maps for such events unlike the usual Saturday events, I will choose maps myself. And for events on Saturday we will reopen the section for nomination and voting. Time: 22.04.2018, 2 pm GMT List of maps: ze_chronus_a1s ; ze_italy_town_v3 ; ze_lotr_minas_tiret_v4_1 ; ze_hold_em_v10 ; ze_rawnscape_b2 Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE-Css.Ru :: Rank|FastDL|SSD Server IP: Event Duration: Around 2 hours or as long as we beat the last map. Admins: I am and BalG going to be online and try to help as much as possible. Goal: Win map fully legit. Rewards: Winning one map gives you nothing, winning two maps gives you 3 days of VIP, the winners of all maps gets 1 week of VIP (if you already have VIP, it will be extended). Also they will receive a special skin, which they can use until the end of the period of winning VIP at the event. Rules: Server rules at the time of the Event does not change. Trolling/Autism: During the Event will be very strict during and will handle immediately, when someone trolls/mic spams. Invite all your friends for the event. Make a fun and exciting event If you have any questions or recommendations, you can leave a comment here.
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    good luck for the top 1
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    It was a stupid idea of the "new" administrators ...
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    When was the vote chosen for this map? Show the votes of the players who voted `for the map ZE FFXII Paramina rift v1_4 !! What day was this map chosen to play on the server?....
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    Human : https://gamebanana.com/skins/129118 Zombie : https://gamebanana.com/skins/136558
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    This man in my profile pic, Christopher Lee. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Lee
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    @Kuzbass Твою песню только Detpaiayn заценит.Русский только он понимает(в этой теме разумеется)
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    Здравствуйте.Все мы знаем,какие карты обычно проходятся на сервере игроками,но что говорить про новые,которые вводятся на нём?Я заметил,что даже если кто-то и предлагает новую карту,в голосовании все выбирают ранее известную.И даже если карта хорошая,проходить постоянно одно и тоже надоедает(хотя тут кому как конечно)Вспомните ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor...Так вот,я предлагаю 1.изменить голосование,сделав его анонимным.Да,игроки будут голосовать за их любимы карты,но при этом не смогут видеть проценты голосов по картам при голосовании и влиять на конечный результат. 2.Сделать рандом по всем картам в голосовании по умолчанию(голосование без карт,предложеных игроками) Всё это бы во-первых разнообразило игру на серве и во-вторых более чаще задействовались бы карты,которые обычно либо редко играются либо вообще почти не проходятся. И если это технически возможно и легко сделать,то в случае чего также в дополнение предлагаю проголосовать за эти изменения самим игрокам-хотят или нет
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    Final version of Last Man Standing is here ze_last_man_standing_v4 you can download itHEREor you can download it from the Gamebanan site HEREalso its possible to download the .vmf file for version v4HEREChangelog for b7 > v4Stage 1Changed Tank health for humans and zombies Changed tank breaks when zombie dies inside Changed ending buildingStage 2Fixed factory door button unlocks too quickly Fixed cars moving from humans Fixed glitch win for humans Reduced main entrance door toggle delayStage 3Fixed speedy zombies at end Added ignite to firepipe Fixed doors closing too fast in mako testing labs Increase Tank throw strength Fixed glass texture reflectionStage 4Added more scenary Changed ending hold Changed start vehicle Fixed start vehicle triggerStage 5Changed zombie health to 1000 Changed truck hold site Fixed areaportalwindow flickeringAll StagesReduced mech minigun dmg Fixed more displacement errors Added modulate_grass.vtf Fixed missing particle materials Added colorcorrection Added Cubemaps Added Radar
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    Players must be encouraged to bring in girls lol
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