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  1. pivovaric, please give me the admin on the zombie escape NIde, because there either cheaters, and all schoolboys scream, you can not even admin but just the ability to ban mutter and kick.

    Sincerely [FBR] | FOGG

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    2. Pivovaric


      what for? if you want to be an administrator, get here http://nide-css.ru/donate/ . We do not have a set and it is not planned.

    3. FOGG


      ok if you like that i am not be a admin it's ok when you see my as best then tell me .


    4. Hope


      @FOGG ???????????????????????????????????

      Don't chu know ingame once told u, even if u brought admin rank u will get vip instead. Also u lost u r membership because of your bhop hack and got 6th banned.