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  1. Christiangv97

    What song are you listening now?

    Original song
  2. Christiangv97

    What song are you listening now?

    This song I like since I saw it in the movie hahaha
  3. Christiangv97

    1003 horas nide <3

    Buen vicio XD
  4. Christiangv97

    Questions and suggestions

    Hi, well, I wanted to say that it's pretty boring that people always choose the same maps. If it is not the mako reactor, it is shroomforest, and if not the vortex surfing, and always like that.
  5. Christiangv97

    Do you play CS:GO?

    No. I find the same game with different design. Maybe I'll play it some day because I've heard there are more people, but we'll see
  6. Christiangv97

    Se cambio el steam

    Dice que no lo entiende lo que quieres decir.