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  1. helali gamer

    Random Escape Map Event

    admin for month
  2. helali gamer

    Server not allowing custom textures anymore??

    yeah some times i have this proplem maybe should remove this skin of your weapon
  3. helali gamer

    Fapescape Map Event

    man fap was bored
  4. helali gamer

    post your favorites games

    do you want to tell more about your favorites game tell now , mine is css cs go and left 4 dead 2
  5. helali gamer


    good and thx or i think mode for event
  6. helali gamer

    What song are you listening now?

    now nothing i listen alan walker-fade
  7. helali gamer


    ahh sh*t speak english
  8. helali gamer

    ze_dreamin map

    add map zombie escape map dreamin is cool map
  9. helali gamer


    hi hope are fine im going to show mode for zombie revivel she is hide and seek ; CT:get place to hide ; ZOMBIE:find CT and infection him
  10. helali gamer

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    thank you best
  11. helali gamer

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    plz how to download this game plz
  12. helali gamer

    FREE Celebration VIP on our ZE & ZR servers

    you are the best