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  1. can we change member skin plsss
  2. slayerjonior10 (STEAM)

    your steam id????
  3.  inGame umm is my ban on chatbox are permanently plss dont ban me because i see that 15 players only playing on nide zm escape 

  4. MEERRY CHRISTMAS inGame thx for the VIP 

  5. FREE Celebration VIP on our ZE & ZR servers

    thx for the gift
  6. ingame plsss help me i cant join to the server on nide css ru zombie escape its says plss remove clan tag i removed the clan tag i cant join plss help :(




    1. inGame


      I think you didnt remove it, because it working good for me when i removed it

    2. Tomphosn


      i removed it




    3. Tomphosn



      it didnt  let me join :(

  7. \







































































































































































































































    kazane how to remove clan tag 




  8. Zombie riot

    what is the ip of that server ingame???? plss tell im going to play that server?!?!?!?!?
  9. hi ingame im master gov i dont spam but i just want my name be i (am legend MASTER GOV)

  10. if there is good admin retired them lol. its not dying because we all player favorite this server bro
  11. and ingame im trying to help the server but i dont have money:D