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  1. Z3R0


    It is a nice idea i believe, the current server settings are so mundane. A change even if for one day of the week would make things more fun. Maybe even consider something such as enableing falldamage for 1 day of the week?
  2. Z3R0

    Gris Map Event

    @William! :D But cube maps are very cool.
  3. Z3R0

    Questions and suggestions

    Add ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix2
  4. Z3R0

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    Hope it doesnt alter the gameplay much like it did in zombieden. (Getting certain gameplay related advantages)
  5. Z3R0

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    We just need everyone to buy an m249 to beat socrates.
  6. Z3R0

    Skyrim Map Event

    welp. skyrim every saturday now
  7. Z3R0

    Frostdrake Tower Map Event

    Im really glad that im greeted with this event on the day i decide to start playing again lol.
  8. Z3R0

    Star Wars Map Event

    How do you intend to do last stage? Unlimited ammo during boss? Disable ztele so that the zombies dont become too op and reach the humans on 1 to 2 spots? >inb4 chivas solos after that spinning laser.
  9. Z3R0

    FFVII Mako Reactor v5_3 Map Event

    Why both hellz and special lasers?
  10. Z3R0

    Questions and suggestions

    Oh ok lol thats nice to hear.
  11. Z3R0

    Questions and suggestions

    Can we add this new mario map? https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn85l87ykcb42hg/ze_super_mario_64_v2_b5.bsp?dl=0 Here is the stripper https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6ojopz72scf2wa/ze_super_mario_64_v2_b5.cfg?dl=0
  12. Z3R0

    Questions and suggestions

    @Pivovaric is it possible to limit the number of ff maps that can be nominated in nomlist at a time to something like 1 to prevent only ff maps from taking up all the nomlist positions.
  13. Z3R0

    Questions and suggestions

    @Pivovaric Would a stripper need to be obtained from soft serve even for ze_chroma?
  14. Z3R0

    Questions and suggestions

    I checked most of the strippers made by moltard and soft serve but no luck. Guess it cant be added then.