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  1. Z3R0

    Map nominations for the next event

    @Hope the reason its hard is because its impossible to beat. Luffaren has confirmed that the chance of beating it would be extremely low or just zero if we were playing normally. Do remember im talking about under NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES when the round is played normally also it is considered that all cts use p90 and no other weapon. BUT there are exceptions. If the cts were to glitch socrates then they have a chance. Also luffaren didnt take into account m249s. M249s can really melt the hp on that boss. So if cts have good number of players, all items, and use m249 its pretty possible.
  2. Z3R0

    Map nominations for the next event

  3. Oh ok lol thats nice to hear.
  4. Can we add this new mario map? https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn85l87ykcb42hg/ze_super_mario_64_v2_b5.bsp?dl=0 Here is the stripper https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6ojopz72scf2wa/ze_super_mario_64_v2_b5.cfg?dl=0
  5. @Pivovaric is it possible to limit the number of ff maps that can be nominated in nomlist at a time to something like 1 to prevent only ff maps from taking up all the nomlist positions.
  6. @Pivovaric Would a stripper need to be obtained from soft serve even for ze_chroma?
  7. I checked most of the strippers made by moltard and soft serve but no luck. Guess it cant be added then.
  8. Wait? Does it require a stripper, as in stripper that changes certain things in map? I didnt know that, for which part is the stripper needed?
  9. Z3R0

    Shaurma Map Event

    Half the team wont shoot at lasers. The other half will die to first laser.
  10. Z3R0

    Diffuse#2 Event

    ze_dangerous_waters_v1a? This is a good map for spawn in crowd and fail nades.
  11. Z3R0

    Diffuse#2 Event

    ze_rooftop_runaway2_v5? Since its spawn in crowd.
  12. Z3R0

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    I agree 7 pm seems more convenient for some of us.
  13. Z3R0

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    that why i said most ff maps,im not labeling all ff maps to be not event worthy, i know that there is wanderers and there is also temple ancient also junon if it ever gets its release. insane isnt that rarely played, atleast on nide. we play it every once in a while. it was played even yesterday (16th). sure its only 1 lvl of insane we play but here its all stages, and i get the idea of how insane mode is implemented here anyway, i just feel that ff maps are overplayed and events should be reserved for least played maps i.e ze bioshock v5 6 or ze l0v0l. because even in the server its clear that no other map stands a chance against an ff map well thats just how i feel tho feel free to state your opinion on this.
  14. Z3R0

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    Im really against the idea of ff maps for event. It ruins the feel. We play this map every single day, new and rarely played maps should be made for event. Most ff maps shouldnt be considered for event nominations.However If only a big change gameplay wise is brought about i guess its fine. And i dont mean removing certain items and changing the rebuy settings.