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  2. I thought it was a good idea to post this "The server for each round that we earn 70 points Since it is almost impossible to get points I'm playing a week 4 hours a day And I can not overcome the 1,050 points I think it would motivate the players to keep getting points, in my opinion it would be a good way to fix the zombie escape, greetings "
  3. The big dick

    My channel and New Video

    gracias :3
  4. The big dick

    Lila Panic Map Event

    amo ese mapa we Estare 4 horas antes para jugar :v
  5. The big dick

    NiDE alive?

    Thanks Ingame! <3 <3 <3 <3
  6. The big dick

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    I help him I have no problem but the issue is that I do not understand much of this bone topic would be to be aware of who wins and who do not win at events if so I can help if it is not a problem
  7. The big dick

    "New Discord Group"

    link group discord here I bring you a group created by me called this css and csgo Latin America only if you speak Spanish and are from Latin America like US AR BR HO etc etc central countries south america and north america and if people from other countries want to join tell me and I create a section for those who speak Spanish, English, Russian etc etc if you would like to join this group here I leave an invitation to my group greetings <3 <3
  8. The big dick

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    for the csgo I think that they do not ask for limit of pin obviously there have to be 400 could put? the limit of ping and maximum players would put 50 and spaces for each admin and that each one choose their password to enter the zombie escape csgo so the admins have their free entry and exit even if the sv is full because as you decide to create events it will fill more if it is csgo, my opinions would be that they put of limit of ping 400 and max players 50 and space for each admin greetings FTP
  9. The big dick

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    I suggest that you raise the brightness because it looked a bit dark so the quality with which I recorded the csgo would be better "thank you very much ingame for creating this server" and if I'm not mistaken it is the first sv of csgo no steam I hope I can donate Something this month, I discovered a bone failure when you are not steam you got some unlocked skins it would be nice to be able to use them in sv how would a solution have that? because I have my csgo no steam and the skins of the are very good and it would be pity to record my gameplayas with weapons without skins xD If you solve this, I would appreciate it very much LIVE INGAME <3
  10. The big dick

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    aside I would like it to be no steam know why? because here I will leave a link on how to download the game and with enough good skins so I would believe that it would be good the nide csgo no steam and steam and so each one with the skin that he likes and those things gloves etc etc I recommend that it be no steam or that if or otherwise create two sv one for steam people and others no steam because what we want here is to grow, right? well that would be my idea and what I ask = D
  11. The big dick

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    I'm not understanding, did you create a server in Csgo? if you are, I congratulate you and if it is steam or no steam better if it is not steam because the majority of the community nide css ru is not steam in the css and I would think it would be hard to have a csgo steam greetings <3 <3 <3
  12. The big dick

    NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    sorry is no steam? o steam?