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  1. RIB Deni Rest-In-Banned!
  2. Hope

    Stalker Monolit Map Event

    Rewards: Players who have passed all four levels on the map will receive a VIP for ten days and a special skin for two weeks. Players who pass only the last level will receive one day of VIP.
  3. Hope


    👌 W E L C O M E🎌
  4. Hope

    Genso Of Last Map Event

    Comparing this Genso event with previous first Genso event, the score are way to opposite. I'd though v2 will more harder. Seems like the mapper were too lazy. Genso v1 Event score: 3-7 BUT.... Genso v2 Event Score: 3-3 In the future if v3 was release v3 Event score: 3-0?? ....
  5. Hope

    Genso Of Last Map Event

    Any screenshot??
  6. Hope

    Genso V2

    :DD ^___^
  7. Hope

    Dark Souls Map Event

    Well dat suck!! Cuz of this, the event schedule was set to tomorrow.
  8. Hope

    Genso V2

    host Genso v2 event by next weekend on Saturday?
  9. Hope

    Genso V2

    After going through all the test Genso one by one, he'd finally decided to release the original one. Full Map Name: ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_0 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QDd2K5kMMU3dU-Z2ty0dBulSUdLGigaZ/view Stages: 1- [Normal Mode] Stages 2- [Hard Mode] Stages 3- [Soul Mode] Apparently stage 1 & 2 were regular game-play mode, laser & boss are only on final stage. Few of teaser Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Map detail: Unfortunately there were no items. @Pivovaric
  10. Hope

    What song are you listening now?

    Kick Lee isn't that famous or popular but the neighborhood he grew up is where I'd been living since I was 12. He wrote this while doing time.