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  1. Hope


    Actually College is free. Doesn't Russian had state finance commission? Which they pay you till you graduate. But University isn't free, but there still chance which you can take student loans.
  2. Hope

    Ancient Wrath Map Event

    Was it failed?
  3. Hope

    Bowser Map Event

    MY ASS
  4. Hope

    The Punisher (French Player)

    Greeting, welcome to the community
  5. Hope

    Voting for the map for the next event

    Mountain escape ultimate has serpentis mode? This mountain ultimate version is too awesome by the way, hopefully the glitch on the mako mode is fixed. Otherwise it would be great opportunity for zm to troll.
  6. Hope

    Bowser Map Event

  7. Hope

    help me

    Dude, Never knew this.
  8. @Pasas1345 your steamID is incomplete
  9. Hope

    help me

    I guess is impossible, you rather make new account instead. @inGame Suggestion: Maybe add edited change name in the future? :3
  10. Hope

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

    Dat my boi
  11. Hope

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

    @saleh almonster An Event is that we play a giant map that hardly beaten. If you're a fan of CSS Ze community you will find soon. Every ZE server does an event once a week and some ZE server does every 2 week such as GFL. Depend on their server activity time zone. First of all, event maps are mostly hard enough beaten and which make more interest & inspired the player to be part of it and knowledge that they are a part of winning the event and eventually, you will reward with temporarily of VIP short term. Depending on how many stage you beat. Example if the player beat 2-3 stage the player will receive 1 or 2 day VIP. If beaten all stage probably the player would be reward with 1 week of VIP. So once you're VIP is gone, you can re-participate in the event match and being a part of it & will be reward again.
  12. Hope

    Random Escape Map Event

  13. Hope

    FFVII Mako Reactor v5_3 Map Event

    RIP ZED can't even make it to Hellz