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  1. What song are you listening now?

    Suicide is a real thing. Depression is a real disease. No matter how great a person has things, there no greater equalizer than mental illness. Been struggle with my self for about while if you feel suicidal please reach out to someone, anyone, be heard. Or if you think someone you know is feeling like that reach out to them, just knowing your there can make a real difference. IN Honor Of Chester Bennington. RIP!
  2. What song are you listening now?

    In honor of him, RIP my childhood legend idol!!
  3. teebee and super warrio dont give my VIP

    What a non scene report, such of waste time!!!
  4. teebee and super warrio dont give my VIP

    @inGame restrict these idiots from creating topic.
  5. Cs1.6/CsGo Zombie Plague?

    There used to be CS GO ze escape server, but for CS. 16 is sh*t so. Btw @ingame what happened to the cs go ze server
  6. Source ban bugging

  7. Source ban bugging

    There a little issue bug going on, every time when admin mute or gag player for any reason, it appear on the source bans list. I did mute the player name called "Fogg" for 20 minute and when I check source ban I've notice that it appear on the source ban list, but he wasn't get ban just got muted, it turns out that every time when admin mute or gag players is also appear on the source ban list.
  8. Unban request Rexona

    @ire I literary also experience the same thing as you did before once, one time I was playing ze escape on the server and most of players said before any admin appear on the server they were trolling, edging, using cheat, but it appear that when any admin join they literary stop. So yea, I wanna expose those guys so I came undercover which mean I log in with my other account and spectated then finally find out that who was behind.
  9. I don't get that he has access to *root administration* and yet, still not have no knowledge about the position of admin. Banning folks for no freaking damn reason, "YOUR MUMY MUST BE PROUD Boi"
  10. The event was run by the f*cker!! So which mean the f*cker was controlling the web and server last few days and change the event system, being selfish & act on his own!!!
  11. Juanpa is fire up yea today around 10:30AM on westersand there was vote about "Which map do you wanna play for next event>>Map list Doom3 and Paramina, peoples chose "Paramina"..
  12. Lol @BalG is not doom1 and doom3? e.e