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    complain - to leader

    U knows how sh*t be rolling these days
  2. Hope

    What song are you listening now?

    Naruto is a show of many wisdoms. Iruka taught me... not to judge people by their reputations but by their personalities. Haku taught me... that there is no good or evil when you're protecting the ones you love. Neji taught me... that if you leave your pride behind you can change your destiny. Rock Lee taught me... that hard work beats talent. Kakashi taught me... that teamwork and friendship stand above the rules. Hinata taught me... that love is worth fighting for. Sai taught me... that a life without feeling isn't worthwhile. Sakura taught me... that weakness is a choice, not an excuse. Gaara taught me... how painful loneliness can be and how love can change someone. Nagato taught me... that revenge and hatred only lead to more revenge and hatred. Asuma taught me... how important it is to take care of the next generation. Shikamaru taught me... that sometimes you even have to do the things that bother you the most. Might Gai taught me... that it doesn't matter what other people say about you. Minato and kushina taught me... that parent's love beat all else. Sarutobi taught me... that problems should be solved with kindness rather than with violence. Sasuke taught me... that you should not only dream about things but actually achieve them. Itachi taught me that... sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Tsunade taught me... to never abandon the living for the dead. Jiraya taught me... that you must never give up your faith in humanity and your hope of peace. Obito taught me... that it is never too late to revert to the right way. Madara taught me... that peace is no peace without freedom. And Naruto... well, we all know that Naruto taught us a lot. but the most important thing is: no matter what happens in your life...
  3. Hope

    What song are you listening now?

    #Oldschool, this the sh*t we listen and play the on the stage and on the party and sh*t back in high-school life.
  4. This is how you do an autism, take note!


  5. VIP Extended incoming Bois!!!!
  6. Hope

    Evernight Map Event

  7. RIB Deni Rest-In-Banned!
  8. Hope

    Stalker Monolit Map Event

    Rewards: Players who have passed all four levels on the map will receive a VIP for ten days and a special skin for two weeks. Players who pass only the last level will receive one day of VIP.
  9. Hope


    👌 W E L C O M E🎌
  10. Hope

    Genso Of Last Map Event

    Comparing this Genso event with previous first Genso event, the score are way to opposite. I'd though v2 will more harder. Seems like the mapper were too lazy. Genso v1 Event score: 3-7 BUT.... Genso v2 Event Score: 3-3 In the future if v3 was release v3 Event score: 3-0?? ....
  11. Hope

    Genso Of Last Map Event

    Any screenshot??
  12. Hope

    Genso V2

    After going through all the test Genso one by one, he'd finally decided to release the original one. Full Map Name: ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_0 Download link: Stages: 1- [Normal Mode] Stages 2- [Hard Mode] Stages 3- [Soul Mode] Apparently stage 1 & 2 were regular game-play mode, laser & boss are only on final stage. Few of teaser Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Map detail: Unfortunately there were no items. @Pivovaric
  13. Hope

    Genso V2

    :DD ^___^
  14. Hope

    Dark Souls Map Event

    Well dat suck!! Cuz of this, the event schedule was set to tomorrow.
  15. Hope

    Genso V2

    host Genso v2 event by next weekend on Saturday?
  16. Hope

    What song are you listening now?

    Kick Lee isn't that famous or popular but the neighborhood he grew up is where I'd been living since I was 12. He wrote this while doing time.
  17. Last a day ago, I did made an free giveaway game/challenge. Which was about installing a p90 skin & the person whom installed the skin successfully was to be reward with free giveaway purchase of Steam CSS. Well, I'm too lazy to type :3 straight to the point. @Max JR has won. Winner Rewarded
  18. Hope

    Questions and suggestions

    ze_m0w0m_a4: This just came out while ago. In the moment any server hasn't beat yet, according to the author. Also would be interested to try out for event. With 6 stage for more detail: ze_grey_b2_4: ze_hobbit_escape_a5: #Oldschool
  19. Hope

    Fixed version of Genso

    @Pivovaric Why not add it on sv yet??