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  1. Hope

    Frostdrake Tower Map Event

    I miss the old-day let's do this sh*t again
  2. Hope

    Voting for the map for the next event

    T E M P L E R A I D E R
  3. Hope

    Map nominations for the next event

  4. Hope

    Voting for the map for the next event

    Eternal extreme all act from 1 to 3 with truth mode and Extreme secret truth I would pm u about the schedule I would try to lead like I said I would like to pm u about the schedule for that Santa cuz, I'm currently busy and gotta hella sh*t to do due to my vacation these day. As soon as I'm already, I would let chu know @Pivovaric Admun pls!!(/>_<)/ I think is 4 is great. 1 for the trigger, 1 for the defending and holding spot, 1 for leading the way, the last 1 for the like how to doge the boss attack or how to play in general is the boss part.
  5. Hope

    Voting for the map for the next event

    The one that already have receive 5 ppl of votes, and yet the other 1 haven't receive 5 vote and stuck on on 4 then the first vote win. But, if other 1 players vote the stuck one with 4 vote then it gon' be 5 vote and now this vote surpass the first 1. Like example if frostdrake already receive 5 vote and the parmaina only receive 4 vote then frostdrake votes win. How about parmina receive other extra 1 vote while frostdrake was still on the 5 votes then parmaina win the votes. Like if I vote frostdrake around by 3:00PM Wednesday @Klixus u vote for parmaina after the next day which is Thursday then ur's vote win. Goddamn jeez.. I'm kinda bad at teaching or explaining. Straight to the point, the vote that with latest activity win the vote. Try to check the log or what ever seems like ingame or pivo make some change which u can't no longer view who's vote and see the timing of voters activity.
  6. Hope

    Voting for the map for the next event

    There's only 2 map we need to beat griss & santa truth mode. The rest are already beaten, why not just let's vote and beat such map that we haven't never ever beat yet..... Just my opinion, don't be panic about it.
  7. Hope

    Map nominations for the next event

    ze_santassination_css2 [ETERNAL TRUTH] Mode: ETERNAL TRUTH MODE, Bosses ability & speed are stronger more insanely fastest also the whole NPC are benders. I'd would love to see how people gon' played out this mode in general.
  8. Hope

    Map nominations for the next event

    PLEASE!!!!! What a challenge
  9. Hope


    All the old version been removed sine v7 and v8 is out there, the same as goes to most ze sv. Just like mako & cosmo. Since mako v5 & v6 been release, it's not necessary to have all of the mako version on the server.
  10. Hope

    Genso Map Event

    Such interesting an event, this is really happening. I'd rate this 10/out-of10
  11. Hope

    What song are you listening now?

    This the girl who know as the "Cash me outside how about dahh" this kid rolling hard
  12. Hope

    Vote for the next eventmap

    I'd never imagine for Genso to be mentioned as an event. Well, this is happening #ASAP
  13. This brought me the old-day of Nide
  14. Well, for very-first Source SDK user they often face this issue. This is too simple the solution is to launch the hammer from the correct game bin filed & this is where hammer located. I'm kinda bad at teaching & I hope this video helps the needs people. Recommended: Visit this https://developer.valvesoftware.com/w... link to understand the basic of Source Engine and Source SDK reading is required to fully understand the basic. Map that I've currently working on: ze_elder_scroll_last_b1
  15. Hope

    Event Map Nominations

  16. Hope

    Event Map Nominations

    ze_santassination_css2 [ETERNAL TRUTH]
  17. Hope

    My name is Lefarno

    R u a dude or girl?
  18. Hope


    Actually College is free. Doesn't Russian had state finance commission? Which they pay you till you graduate. But University isn't free, but there still chance which you can take student loans.
  19. Hope

    Ancient Wrath Map Event

    Was it failed?
  20. Hope

    Bowser Map Event

    MY ASS
  21. Hope

    The Punisher (French Player)

    Greeting, welcome to the community