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  1. PoxY

    cant join

    thanks fixed you can close this topic
  2. PoxY

    cant join

    i tried upgard 3 times to 90 nothing happened
  3. PoxY

    cant join

    i tried this is the max idk why :P
  4. PoxY

    cant join

    Yoo my css warzone is on the lastest version v89 and i cant join servers it says this server is on a nwest version
  5. PoxY


    just reduce bullets on m29 2 lmao atleast 150 and m3 to default ammo so we will not abuse
  6. surf_ethereal surf_utopia_njv surf_reprise surf_derpis_ksf there is only surf dm servers on nonsteam and no timing mod or speedrun but on other hand on steam so many and with good activity maybe we could turn that to our advantage?
  7. PoxY


    #paradox balanced for humans? good joke did u notice the speed of zms? higher than other servers and we got bhopspeed as bonus the maps most of them are balanced for zm the zm can knife-you (infect ) u from 3meters all those advantages and we only ask for good knock to push them and that doesnt help at-all still losingand do not forget that most of good players #Fogg never have a good team who defend and only doorhugers thanks to gametracker reference ... so 5 players do all that work so some bunch of fagg showoff as pro`S and we all know that good players look after solo (selfish bots) and they need #RealGuns
  8. yo.since u nerfed m3 and reduced ammo on others guns 50bullets to 30 the server got empty and boring tthe m3 so f*cked up u cant even push a zm to 1m further my question why change the knockback? since update server getting empty (20) players
  9. anime ffs kids everywhere ... vote Crysis Support for first skin weaon design not included
  10. @inGame go finale vote btw aarnoold and knight skin cuz not all of us want that sh*t ..
  11. go knight plz no gay skins the Arnold Schwarzenegger is sh*t cant be seen in dari