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  1. hifielie

    nomination not working!!?

    i created a server. it has all plugins installed. I have installed map chooser extended and nomination extended plugin and it work just like nide but the problem is: When I nominate a map e.g !nominate. suppose i nominate westersand it says [NE] hifielie has nominate ze_FFVII_Westersand_v7_2. But when i type !nomlist it doesnt show my nominated maps . actually nomlist in not working or installed. PROBLEM II: When i want to nominate mako. instead of nominating by typing !nominate we use !nominate mako But when i type !nominate mako. it says Map mako not found. CAN anybody fix my problem link to plugin https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=156974
  2. hifielie

    Feywood Map Event

    Will i get VIP i won 3 stages on feywood event 1 , 3, 4 Will I Get VIP and for how many days?
  3. hifielie

    Mako Help!

    @Max JR dat ff training v5_2 map didnt have mako hellz lazers. why?
  4. hifielie

    Mako Help!

    Can I donate 5$ to buy your mako stripper plugin?
  5. hifielie

    Mako Help!

    And I installed what to do select hellz I have my complete ze server with all plugins installed. I want to practice.
  6. hifielie

    Mako Help!

    is this stripper plugin http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/snapshots/1.2/
  7. hifielie

    Mako Help!

    I have stripper plugin that stripes weapons from players and what to do. Please help me !!!
  8. hifielie

    Mako Help!

    I want a help that is i am noob in hellz stage lazer so i decided to practice in lan mode.But when I go to admin room only extreme 2 stage is showing. However I run nide mako map in lan mode. But hellz stage or zed is not selecting.How do I select zed or hellz stage in Lan mode. Please help!!
  9. hifielie

    Paramina Rift Map Event

    @Pivovaric You are a great Event Chooser Nice Community GooD Luck.
  10. @inGame you can make cs 1.6 server without buying a Dedicated Server
  11. Hey Friends you all are actually weird that cs 1.6 sucks but actually cs 1.6 sucks but it is easy to gain population and people will buy V.I.P if your server is fabulastic 32/32 players will be online 24/7 just like World War'Z | Zombie Escape | WWARCS [TR] Link https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/cs53.csduragi.com:27015/ just inGame server will be greater than this server people will die to join this server just like me joining this server and be sure to install Counter Strike Online Best Skins
  12. hifielie

    Avalanche Map Event (only extreme stages)

  13. hifielie

    Fapescape Map Event

    Nice Community Guyz Good Luck
  14. hifielie

    Shaurma Map Event

    Nice Community Guys Good Luck!
  15. hifielie

    How to Reduce your Ping? 110% Confirmed!!!!

    @Detpiayn Sorry but try It will gonna work