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  1. Max JR

    New Genso

    this version is good 10/10 but is long and idk where is trigger
  2. Max JR

    Halloween House Map Event

    where is pokemon event ?
  3. Max JR

    Feywood Map Event

  4. Max JR

    Frostdrake Tower Map Event

    2 WEEK ? WHAT
  5. Max JR

    Diffuse#5 Event

    @Cloud Strife[ZA] maybe
  6. Max JR

    Diffuse#5 Event

    3.08 ? what
  7. Max JR

    Paramina Map Event

    paramina ? good map by the wey
  8. Max JR

    Frozentemple Map Event

    ez event xd Make Frostdarke tower event next pls :)
  9. Max JR

    Sit Caelum Paradisus Map Event

    good event btw :lenny:
  10. Max JR

    Genso Map Event

    good event :)
  11. Max JR

    Genso Map Event

    wow are u kidding me ? 1 week ? next week i have go to beach at friday
  12. Max JR

    Genso Map Event

    want some more crash server in event ?
  13. Max JR

    Random Escape Map Event

    lol not today 1/7