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  1. Your nickname: FOGG Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:429800616 Favorite Server: CS:S Zombie Escape Where are you from? Pakistan Are you STEAM or NO-STEAM user? NO-STEAM
  2. FOGG

    Map nominations for the next event

  3. FOGG

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    XD then i also love
  4. FOGG

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    no man it's very hard map to win
  5. pivovaric, please give me the admin on the zombie escape NIde, because there either cheaters, and all schoolboys scream, you can not even admin but just the ability to ban mutter and kick.

    Sincerely [FBR] | FOGG

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    2. Pivovaric


      what for? if you want to be an administrator, get here . We do not have a set and it is not planned.

    3. FOGG


      ok if you like that i am not be a admin it's ok when you see my as best then tell me .


    4. Hope


      @FOGG ???????????????????????????????????

      Don't chu know ingame once told u, even if u brought admin rank u will get vip instead. Also u lost u r membership because of your bhop hack and got 6th banned. 

  6. FOGG

    Post your old memories

    if Randy then he was also my best freind
  7. FOGG

    Post your old memories

    @Rud Randy was your freind name
  8. FOGG

    post your favorites games

    Counter strike source
  9. FOGG

    Bathroom Map Event

    i like this
  10. FOGG

    Diffuse Event

  11. FOGG

    Diffuse Event

    there will be two events?
  12. FOGG

    Diffuse Event

    what mean i cant understand on Sunday the event we will choose and on saturday event map you choose on saturday 2:00 pm event
  13. FOGG

    GIFT inGame

    Can you make like this for me?
  14. InGame add this map ze_evernight_v1