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  1. BalG can u accpet my request i also want to play event but in pakistan light is gone in 19:00 UTC so i not play event this is my problem so can u remove 19:00 time plz i so i cant play event and not me there are also many player that not play on 19:00 bcs they have problem i hope u accept.
  2. NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    inGame when i connect the server it say server not responding why?
  3. NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    inGame can non-steam cs go can connect
  4. BalG this map is so easy why you choose easy maps for event
  5. Membership Application

    1. FOGG 2. STEAM_0:0:1866530387 3. Zombie Escape NiDE-Federation 4 Pakistan 5.non-Steam
  6. Complain About BalG and Prd0x

    ok know i understand sorry know i know my fault i will not use item until i learn to use it sry i am bad no 1 like me Prd0x give last warning i will not pick item first i will learn then i will pick my promise but know unban if u unban i will pick item when i learn it my promise i never break promise believe me Hope u unban and i will pick item when i learn to use
  7. Shy neko ban FOGG

    ok inGame i will not post know but not ban me ok thx.
  8. Complain About BalG and Prd0x

    yyes you right there was no to pick wind and i have to pick so when i jump i not see down and i die he ban me and later he unban but again he ban me i say why u ban me know? he say i like to ban FOGG
  9. Shy neko ban FOGG

    i want to tell that Shy neko ban me for 1 motnh that i drop ultima and he ga me for 60 mint freason spam and he mute me reason not speak i hope u read this !!!!!!!!!!!! and unban me i Hope
  10. freeze BalG admin

    Balg is so bad admin he ban me restricted me with no reason i wish that u will unban me unrestricted me plz owner unban me and freeze BalG admin plz plz or i will not play nide