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    Ивент на карте DOOM3 | DOOM3 Map Event

    @Heisenburger Yeah, i think it was bugged, both the first victory and the third.
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    Ивент на карте DOOM3 | DOOM3 Map Event

    I just wanted to say thanks to all the admins (FPT,, BalG, Prdox, and others) who kept us playing and helped us along the way and the other players who played 'till the end. It was quite fun and "boring" at the same time. since the end score was a bit disappointing (3-24 or 2-24, couldn't remember it right). Maybe we lacked enough players? I personally felt that the map wasn't that difficult compared to other map events. We didn't focus too much on the game and kept dying, sometimes even laughably dying. If I had any suggestions, for each map event someone should volunteer as leader who can guide us through before the event starts. Cheers