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  1. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    And you paid 4$ For admin. We're both pretty sad
  2. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    Well this is the m3 in a video game we are talking about. Who carea about real life? ?
  3. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    No. Originally there is 8. But after you reduced firing rate and increased ammo clip it bugs out.
  4. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    @Pivovaric @inGame Some players are complaining about the m3 after it got 12 shots. The animation bugs when you reload at 11, and sometimes it only goes back to 8 bullets instead of 12. Is this something you know how to fix? ❤️