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    Event Map Nominations

    Map nomination: Map nominations for the next event: Nomination conditions: - Maps must be "worthy" (i.e. they must be long enough, fun and satisfying to complete) - Any map that was in the past two events will not be accepted. - Please nominate maps that you sure don't have any serious bugs or glitches. - Write the full name of the map (Example: ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v3_5, not just minas), otherwise, your nomination will be ignored The map vote will start Saturday 21/7 around 15pm (gmt+2) (+- some hours if im hung over)
  2. Klixus

    Bowser Map Event

    He thinks there will be an event where the reward is free Admin
  3. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    @Pivovaric @inGame Some players are complaining about the m3 after it got 12 shots. The animation bugs when you reload at 11, and sometimes it only goes back to 8 bullets instead of 12. Is this something you know how to fix? ❤️
  4. Klixus

    The Punisher (French Player)

    Hi Greg! Thanks for recomending the server, hope you will keep playing.
  5. Klixus

    I NIDE (Need) Information (Administration)

    @ThePunisher If you are talking about buying admin access there is no problem. Your english seems good enough anyways 🙂 Just payandplay
  6. Your nickname: Klixus Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:76393699 Favorite Server: CS:S Zombie Escape Where are you from? Norway Are you STEAM or NO-STEAM user? STEAM
  7. Klixus

    New Membership application by Klixus

    Admun please
  8. Klixus

    talk about somethings

    Hello @Ahmed | Anes 🙂I'm assuming you are talking about ze server. This is my opinion on your suggestions: 1: Bunnyhopping is skill based, and should not be removed as it is a part of most of the CSS ZE community. We have an anti-bhop plugin which will ban players using scripts/hacks. 2: What? If we see sprays that contain pornographic content or racism we will sprayban. Sprays are individual players mark and it's a cool way for them to mark the different maps. (or shared f*cked up hentai :S) 3: You can buy a custom skin for yourself, and IMO we have cool VIP skins atm. If you have suggestions to what you would like to see feel free to make a post with suggestions. VIP sounds...idk man, would just be ear cancer tbh. 4: NiDE does not have as many admins as other servers, but we try to be online as much as possible. I dont think !calladmin would help tbh, try to friend admins on steam or write in the chatbox on website if you see hackers. Also make demos so we can give penalties later. Sincerley, b*tchus.
  9. Klixus

    New Membership application by M(i}s3Eri0

    Accepted your other application. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  10. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    And you paid 4$ For admin. We're both pretty sad
  11. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    Well this is the m3 in a video game we are talking about. Who carea about real life? ?
  12. Klixus

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    No. Originally there is 8. But after you reduced firing rate and increased ammo clip it bugs out.