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  1. Ahmed | Anes

    Questions and suggestions

    a question ? wtf wrong here ? otaku removed mako v6 almost to v5_3 member removed the server its dieing explain whats going here
  2. Ahmed | Anes

    [New] Zombie survival

    ip pls ?
  3. Ahmed | Anes

    Genso Map Event

    how i can download this map ?
  4. Ahmed | Anes

    Lila Panic Map Event

    OMG WE PLAY sh*t MAP
  5. Ahmed | Anes

    My channel and New Video

    when u play this doorhug
  6. Ahmed | Anes

    My channel and New Video

    good channel
  7. Ahmed | Anes

    My name is Lefarno

  8. Ahmed | Anes

    talk about somethings

    hello i hope you fine i talk about some thing should be removed on the server 1: remove bhop OMG the server was broken with this bhop so please remove this bhop 2: remove sprays because there is bad players do a bad sprays 3:add a good skins and sounds for vips please 4:add the command !calladmin if find a hackers and no one admins in the server or ban auto
  9. Ahmed | Anes

    Post your Favourite maps

    dreamin and doorhug and solo
  10. Ahmed | Anes

    What's your fav cartoon?

    the funny cartoons
  11. Ahmed | Anes

    Mod application?

    admin application to avoid they just kidding with admin
  12. Ahmed | Anes

    NiDE alive?

  13. Your nickname: Ahmed Anes Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:109005707 Favorite Server: CS:S Zombie Escape Where are you from? Algeria Are you STEAM or NO-STEAM user? NO-STEAM