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  1. PàràdOx


    I got your point, and i totally agree with you. I said GFL/Unloze settings are hard compared to Nide server settings and not to other old ze server. But anyway, doing "one day" with different server settings isn't a big deal, and wouldn't be that bad, no? I know that admins are afraid of losing players, but isn't worthy to give it atleast a try? It's just gonna be a one or two days per week at the latest...
  2. PàràdOx


    In other words "your opinion and suggestion is trash, I don't need it" Created a topic for the better of the server, ended by probability of getting banned. Brainless person. And yes pivo i agree with your suggestion, and i want get the honor to be the first person banned when you start working with this rule.
  3. PàràdOx


    Need more attention for this topic @everyone @admins ??
  4. PàràdOx


    Hi. Nide servers settings are the most easier settings compared to other ze servers, i myself suggested many times to change the server settings to make the gameplay a bit fair for zombies, or atleast test a new settings and see if the players like them... But well, admins didn't agree about that... The suggestion i come with this time is a bit different, i got the idea from gfl events, when they hosted some events with sonaki settings etc... my idea is to do specific day with a specific server settings, for exemple, every sunday we use Unloze server settings from knockback, to zm speed, to burning nade fire, jump height etc... only for one day and see how the game goes, and another day we use gfl server settings, and so on. The idea is to bring a new gameplay to the server and players, and also to make a challenge between communities, many people for example from Unloze community say that maps are easier on nide because the server settings are easy, so we gonna play the maps with their own server settings and see how it goes. The current suggestion is not limited for nide only, other communities can use it too, as i said it's to make a challenge between communities. You ain't gonna lose anything if you going to work with this suggestion, let the players judge if it's a bad or a good idea when they try different server settings on their own server they usually play on. PS: I dont mean to change the current server settings, i mean only using another servers settings in a specific days in week.
  5. PàràdOx

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    Why don't you add this skins to the zclass menu instead of adding them to a different plugin?
  6. PàràdOx

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    Why don't you add this skins to the zclass menu instead of adding them to a different plugin?
  7. PàràdOx

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    So if you add skins to the store, players will have two options to change their skins from !zclass and Store, don't you think it will be stupid to have two different plugins to change skins? Trails are nice idea, but i highly suggest to disable trails on lasers maps (trust me) it will block the view of players during lasers, so please think well about it. Same thing for tracers.
  8. PàràdOx

    New Membership application by Killua

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  9. PàràdOx

    FFVII Mako Reactor v6 Map Event

    oh f*ck my voice is so cringy, thats the first time i hear it on a server, i would never use the mic again
  10. PàràdOx

    Diffuse Event

    well hi again pivo and thanks for the idea you came with, but excuse me, can you explain to me and to the other admins, and the whole community aswell why do you come and then gone each time? you got banned before on this server after the demote, then you got the admin back, and then you got demoted and deleted by fpt.. idk how many times this happened, now you are back and FPT is removed from the admin team, i think you should give an explication to the community why this is happening no? you used to troll many times on nide and sh*t talking on admins, and now you are the community manager, is this normal? you kicked many people from nide steam group after your demote if you remember, i cant see how can someone who used to troll every time, want make the server great now? dont get me wrong i dont have any problem with you but an explication is required to understand what is happening. im not trying to make a drama or something, i think that the admin team is not a joke, especially when you are the community manager, and getting banned for trolling then coming back with admin.. thats pretty weird. #peace
  11. PàràdOx


    lol dude, no, this has nothing to do with what i talked about, its all okay back to subject, if the zms have nothing that give them advantage, how are zms supposed to do something versus humans when they get shooted everytime and even with a higher push (knockback) and getting on fire every sec? check what the europeans players are saying about this point. the argument "zms can bhop to kill humans" makes no sense bhop is enabled for both humans and zms, if humans are good on bhop they can escape from zms and vice versa. btw the problem isnt the map list only, you have to understand this guys
  12. PàràdOx


    we do skyrim for time to time, last skyrim event we did was horrible, because of the players who keept dying on boss part without dealing any damage. i just remembered something, next time @FPT you decide to do an event, try to find a leader, if there is no leader just go over it and dont make the event, we failed many times even when there was a leader, cant see how can we win with no leader
  13. PàràdOx


    i dont agree with the idea of making the game human balanced to bring players, nide is the more human sided server as many know, (humans have more advantage than zms), i dont see the point of making the game playable for humans just to bring players, i dont see why would players leave the server just because the m3 now has less knockback or tmp has less bullets, true nide has sh*tty player base (nonsteam kids etc... ofc no offence for the other nonsteam players, i was nonsteam one day so yea..) giving this players more bullets or making their weapons have more knockback to push zombies imo dont benefit in anything if the players are sh*t anyway. the server is losing players because it has to be said right now for sure, that css ze is dying more than before, even if u got "full server in 2 days" it doesnt mean that ze is doing well, we used to have full servers everyday and on every map in the past, in last 4 months it became impossible even tho this was before the m3 and bullets change, the "ze is dying" isnt the only thing, playing ff maps everyday and creating a player-base depending on that will kill the server, i know you know this but this is true. also leaving the mic without language limit isnt a good idea too, yes its nice to have freedom of speech, where everyone can speak their language but many players get annoyed by hearing many languages on mic. I suggest: -since css ze isnt like before, now the ball is in the current players field, being cancer on the server and blaming and insulting the players on the server isnt a good idea, css became toxic community becuz of the tons of the memes out and the insults, some ppl think they become cool just by insulting someone. i hope you get what i mean, everyone should try to be nice to each other and to the other communities becuz we are the only thing remaining on this small game. -admuuuuuuun doooooo a cooldown for FF MAPS FOR f*ck SAKE, even if we player ff maps once in a week, ITS OK, even if not much players joined becuz no FF MAPS on the server, ITS OK, we should clean the server from ff fags. -events became so boring, and pointless to play, doing ff event while we play it everyday, doing event for a map that we play it everyday... this all are just boring, if we cant find an idea for the event, lets just make a Pause, so everyone can think how can we improve the events on the server, TRUST ME EVERY ADMIN WILL BE HAPPY TO LISTEN TO YOUR SUGGESTIONS ABOUT EVENTS DONT HESITATE JUST PLS DONT MAKE CANCER SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!! -@ingame if you want the best for this community especially to the ze server, make suggestions on the forums and let players vote for the thing they want to be changed, you wont lose anything if you listen to the players suggestions. so lets try about making the mic chat English/Russian only and see what players think! thats all i got for now PLS everyone you can give your ideas on this topic, for the better of the server and ze mod. thx for reading this long horrible text, this was just my opinion.
  14. PàràdOx

    New Membership application by SerketAntoinette

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    New Membership application by c@mper

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