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  1. SiLVeR

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    @Pivovaric first i thought we won lev 2 in first time so why map dont write failed round ?! and why we got score ? i thought its a bug when we play lev two another time and i thought u will made it like a won ,second, i n that time i didnt understand anything if u have video u will see i asked people if its lev 2 or 3 and someone repond me its lev 3 ,finaly why u post it ? that's make me sure its a won that why i said u i won 4 lev .So at the end it's misunderstanding happend i didn't care about VIP just i thought i won the lev
  2. SiLVeR

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    @Pivovaric I win 4 levels so i must have vip for 8 days not 6
  3. SiLVeR

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    So 5 hours or then of trying and nothing ! and i was top score i win 3 lev and top defender ( also u don't say players can get rewards if they beat the map
  4. SiLVeR

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    i will join in this event and we hope this time beat this fking map
  5. SiLVeR

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    what about there first event in S_A_M we will not get our vip i win 3 stages
  6. SiLVeR

    Bowser Map Event

    why event isn't started ?!
  7. Your nickname: [S|*|I|*|L|*|V|*|E|*|R] Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:7378118 Favorite Server: CS:S Zombie Escape Where are you from? Tunisia Are you STEAM or NO-STEAM user? STEAM