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  1. ThePunisher


    TOPIC for player who want to SHOW IS FACE !!! 😁😈
  2. ThePunisher

    What sport do you practise ??

    I practise American Football since 6 years I practise Musculation since 5 years (2 hardly, 3 cool) I will resume swimming pool And YOU ??
  3. ThePunisher


    Prue (Black Knight), Piper (The Punisher) Phoebe( I dont remember xD )
  4. ThePunisher

    Who is the best admin

    SKILL KILLER is a good admin for me, he is open minding and fun FOGG3 please dont flood the tchat man !🤠
  5. ThePunisher

    What song are you listening now?
  6. ThePunisher

    What song are you listening now?
  7. ThePunisher

    What is ur pet?

    Dog , Jack Russel !!!
  8. ThePunisher

    Bowser Map Event

    if I understrand, you would like to be admin thanks to an event ?
  9. ThePunisher

    Star Wars Map Event

    Nice choice !!
  10. Hello The STAFF/Admin/players For to be admin, it's possible if i am French ? I can to speak english Best regards, The Punisher
  11. ThePunisher

    The Punisher (French Player)

    Hello all, My name is Greg, i have 25 years old and i play in Nide CSS since 3 weeks aproximatly, The servers is really good and apreciate to myself. The STAFF look cool and openminding, the game play is cool, personal skin its TOP. I recomand this server to my friends Tace care, all :)