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  1. William! :D

    Evernight Map Event

    Also Pivo plz, you promised us S_A_M.
  2. William! :D

    Evernight Map Event

    If you win both events, you get NIDE admin! 😮 😮
  3. William! :D

    Dark Souls Map Event

    1-8 : ) Thanks for the event, even if late hahaha.
  4. William! :D

    Dark Souls Map Event

    Don't remove dark souls just because you don't like it!! We can still learn it and try more in the future, it is a fun and challenging map
  5. William! :D

    Dark Souls Map Event

    @Klixus @Pivovaric My luck is terrible. Both Unloze and Nide will play Darksouls on Saturday and all the people who know the triggers will probably go to Unloze 😞 😞
  6. William! :D

    Gris Map Event

    Pivo: "сейчас у меня нет времени." Pivo: *plays S_A_M for 4 hours on Unloze* Laaazy xD
  7. William! :D

    Gris Map Event

    "MaPs mUsT bE "wORtHy" (i.e. ThEy mUSt Be lOnG eNOuGh, fUn anD SaTiSfyiNg tO cOMplEte)"
  8. William! :D

    Giveaway winner rewarded

    Just wanted to add that this was a hella nice and wholesome giveaway by you 🙂
  9. William! :D

    DOOM3 Map Event

    "players who passed the map and gained 500 points will receive a VIP for 4 days." William: 493 points :C
  10. William! :D

    DOOM3 Map Event

    There must have been a mistake, you misspelled "Dark Souls". 🤔😞
  11. William! :D

    Pokemon Adventure Map Event

    William promoted to nide co-leader, da?
  12. William! :D

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    Don't worry bois, a Knife SQ leadership is incoming. Angliyskiy and russian co-leading, am I right @Batata & @Pivovaric?)))
  13. William! :D


    Most people use words to introduce themselves. FOGG lets his skills introduce him 👌
  14. William! :D


    Great initiative!
  15. William! :D

    Admun abuze

    Pivo plz, insulting admins is against the rules. I have to report you now