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  1. William! :D

    Deadcore Map Event

    No rewards for insane D stage I guess?
  2. William! :D

    complain - to leader

    Waiting for Pivo to delete this thread
  3. William! :D

    complain - to leader

    It's true that sometimes they miss trollers/knifers but I'd argue that they spot a lot of them. The problem is rather how they deal with trollers... As for slaying, admins often have to make a decision. Is the round over? Is it worth delaying the time? If not, we slay so we can have a new attempt at a stage. If this is not the kind of slaying you mean, do clarify. Extends shouldn't really be more than 3-4 times, depending on the map. If it's FF map, we extend 20 times if needed
  4. William! :D

    Evernight Map Event

    Also Pivo plz, you promised us S_A_M.
  5. William! :D

    Evernight Map Event

    If you win both events, you get NIDE admin! 😮 😮
  6. William! :D

    Dark Souls Map Event

    1-8 : ) Thanks for the event, even if late hahaha.
  7. William! :D


    Great initiative!