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  1. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊

    SM Admin commands

    thank you my good sir !
  2. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊

    Hello Everyone!

    welcome lad ! you;re a newbie welcome abroad homie . cya soon
  3. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊

    ischiu chanel xdxdxdxdxdx

  4. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊

    SM Admin commands

    anyone can link me to SM Admin commands ? i forgot a few and i need to know em since im admin
  5. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊


    likewise friend !! and alright sounds good lad
  6. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊


    thanks brodie , btw how long it takes for my ADMIN purchase to take effect?
  7. ZenoeStyle.芝风格.诺伊


    Name is Daniel , but i go by ZenoeStyle. Just found out this awesome ZE server and automatically purchased ADMIN and to also support this awesome community as well. Been into CS:S for 11 years now. Cant wait to meet you all and get to know you guys. Cya in the ZE server LADS !! :D , cheers