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  1. i buy admin in zombie revival


    1. Pivovaric


      Молодец, не нужно спамить. Как я увижу, я сделаю. Создание кучи тем и сообщений эффекта не даст,лишь хуже себе сделаешь.

  2. can i use beacon in the admin please

  3. Pivo Can i use beacon on me in the admin ??

  4. mohamed

    Skin human/normal

  5. mohamed

    Skin human/normal

    @Pivovaric and @inGame go changed skin normal/Human and When you are changing spec 5 second
  6. i love you !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hi                             I Iam afraid to buy vip because it is written that the site is not safe, if you see the card and password, please solve the solution               

    1. Pivovaric


      You pay on the official website, not on our forum.