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  1. Soku

    Suggestions (maps and stuff)

    @Pivovaric and @inGame here have disco menu for command admin or here have item for shop Hats
  2. Soku

    Maps Zombie Revival

    почему вы не добавляете в магазин шляпы и маски?
  3. Soku

    Maps Zombie Revival

    @Pivovaricчто это было для меня?
  4. Soku

    Maps Zombie Revival

    @inGame you not add retry ?
  5. Soku

    Maps Zombie Revival

    This mesagges is For @Pivovaric and @inGame I have selected several maps to add to the revival zombie. you can add these maps to your server to be more.?
  6. Soku

    maps in Zombie Revival