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    Zombie Escape Secrets

    This thread is meant for the Zombie Escape players. This thread is based on the secrets of those maps that include them, so aware spoilers. If anyone is interested in watching secrets they can visit my youtube channel below where I post my videos. My channel is built for this certain reason, the fun behind exploring secrets, I don't need subscribers or likes, just enjoy watching if you'd like to. If you can't see a map in my videos, simply type here the name of the map you think there are secrets and I'll check the map as soon as possible. Secrets are those "things" that aren't obvious in the first place, hidden invisible buttons, damage triggers and etc'. Floating cosmetics or special items against zombies. This is my youtube channel
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    Sup ppl, I'm a bit f*cked up, not really an autistic, but I can be if you want me to be.