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  1. Administration corruption

    or boy how long after this topic 1) Good in the maps to expand asking what level they are playing in the sv so? the level was being played extrem 2 on the map shroomforest_v1 It was not long before we reached the end ... The players requested the extension of that map, since it was not enough to finish it so I decided to do 1 vote to expand it (10 minutes) If you think that the administrators manipulate the maps It is not like this. since when you play a map you have to spend some time to play it again 2) I was not talking to you that time I was talking to another player. then you arrive and this happens you start insulting without any sense 3) By the way, I remember that I only kicked you since you were insulting me - I decided to kick you because there were many insults that you were doing against me. I decided not to prohibit your writing because for just a moment you stopped doing it Then you continued writing insults I thought you were a civilized person I see that I am wrong