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  1. brahimi.abdou25

    Ancient Wrath Map Event

    rip event
  2. brahimi.abdou25

    Diffuse#4 Event

    8 days coming :lenny:
  3. brahimi.abdou25

    Bowser Map Event

    :lenny: escaping its funny :lenny:
  4. brahimi.abdou25

    Bowser Map Event

    when admin events back i mean da events that gave admin not vip :lenny:
  5. brahimi.abdou25

    Assassins Сreed Map Event

    that was the sadest event in life i was mother zombie
  6. brahimi.abdou25

    Random Escape Map Event

  7. brahimi.abdou25

    Bowser Map Event

    when admin events back
  8. brahimi.abdou25

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

    did u reward the humans that win but havnt enough points to appear ? cuz i win but there isnt my name there cuz i deco
  9. brahimi.abdou25

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

    i won i already have 3 days vip now will be 8 days
  10. brahimi.abdou25

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

    vip give tracers - special skins - glow colors - rainbow colors with time - special chat and chat collors and a tag as a prefix - and amazing look :lenny:
  11. brahimi.abdou25

    help me

    guys i want to change my name cuz its my email no name ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) how to do it with photos if you can
  12. brahimi.abdou25

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

  13. brahimi.abdou25

    Сrashbandicoot Map Event

    the epic thing is 3 events in 3 days the community is already alive you dont want 90/64 right ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
  14. Your nickname: Tony Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:859875568 Favorite Server: CS:S Zombie Escape Where are you from? Algeria Are you STEAM or NO-STEAM user? NO-STEAM
  15. brahimi.abdou25

    Server maplist +maps in rotation, suggestions

    ofc there is mako