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  1. Loveless 사랑

    Dark Souls Map Event

    all next events will be mako and santa events
  2. Loveless 사랑

    Dark Souls Map Event

    you'll come nide or you'll be banned in both servers lel
  3. Loveless 사랑

    Dark Souls Map Event

    we will finaly be relaxed after william will stop spamming dark souls and ye i won't join cuz i need to fix my internet
  4. Loveless 사랑

    go vse na server

    hi homosexual cunt.
  5. Loveless 사랑

    its something interesting ( ° ͜ʖ °)

    i am underaged :lenny:
  6. Loveless 사랑

    Illya Map Event

    i feel this map will be like totemo roka
  7. yosh blyats like the title says its interesting ( ° ͜ʖ °) lenny means that is fake yes can anyone give me css steam and i will give him 4 steams ( ° ͜ʖ °)
  8. Loveless 사랑

    Illya Map Event

    i didn't play it but it doesn't have lasers
  9. Loveless 사랑

    Illya Map Event

    ez win
  10. Loveless 사랑

    Illya Map Event

    new map ha ? lasrs ?
  11. Loveless 사랑

    Gris Map Event

    i will leadyou TO A FAIL BOIZ
  12. Loveless 사랑

    Giveaway winner rewarded

    i am happy i am not a western spy
  13. Loveless 사랑

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    i will fukin bhop in any map that have lasers with ma trail i will buy a THICC one
  14. Loveless 사랑

    Halloween House Map Event

    sadly yesterday i got some school work or i was going to be happy to win such a great map )
  15. Loveless 사랑

    Pokemon Adventure Map Event

    lasers = solo