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  1. the "one retard" was me, np its always a pleasure. I was still alive BEFORE the round ended, so the round has been lost by humans, legit. yeah you didnt want to play this nigger map anymore, thats why and the only valable reason ou considered it as win so yeah, fake win see you next event!
  2. Yeah unfortunate i'm sad ! :'( anyway np
  3. Hello guyz !! I joined nide community (the best) 2 months ago. Love playin on it. So here is my first message on this forum, i just registered So.. I did a solo win this night at 4am-4:30am (France time, but nidecss server is in France, so it is the same time zone right ?..) I wanted to know if it was possible to get the replay of it by searching on the database server KEK. I guess it's prolly impossible but just asking, that was maybe my best soloplay... Btw it was on ze_icescape map. Thank you very much and i appreciate you and this server bye