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  1. don't know why someone would do it, but it's great to know that everything is fine now, and that you fixed the loophole xD, you rock inGame :D
  2. Bnfsx


    Hello and welcome
  3. Bnfsx

    Hi everyone

    thanks Ingame, hope to play with you on the servers and kill some zombies lol
  4. Bnfsx


    wow that was funny xD. anyway hi Friend, my brother wanted to study in Russia and I remenber that he spoke with a brazilian guy who lives there and this guy know how to study in russia, I mean like what you have to do and all that, also seems like there's an application you have to do but it doesn't seem to be that hard to pass, anyway here is their site, the site is in portuguese you can translate it if you want or I can help you if you need. also this is their contact e-mail, I think they do speak english and by the way this guy has partnerships with the universities so I think he could be able to answer all your questions. Here is an official site from Russia in English and here you can check everything you need to be able to apply to study in Russia I don't know if you're going to need scholarship but I read on the Brazilian site that for some reason Russian government discontinued in offering scholarships so I think the best thing to do is to contact the Russian Embassy. if you need something just ask. I hope I helped you and by the way wish you all the best with your studies
  5. Bnfsx

    ShroomForest Marathon

    can't wait to play it with you guys, and hope we can win that
  6. Bnfsx

    Hi everyone

    Hello guys, how's everyone doing ? by the way do you have team speak or do you guys use skype ? by the way also wanted to say that the server is awesome, I've met very frindly people there, just loving it hope to be able to play with everyone.