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    New Genso
  2. VasyaPupkin


    Hello, my name is Vasya. It's not equal to my real name but idc. So, let's start from idea about typing this. It's pretty simple, just something inspired me. While playing on NIDE i noticed a lot of changes, as in the bad side so in the good side. Hope on clear sharing with u by my thoughts about NIDE community, U know i like to challenge people, admins on their patience. For this i just make myself maximal retarded and try to get them lost their tempers. My observations are talking to me about split admins on 3 types. First type is about justice, it contains admins like Klixus and Batatat )). They are just maximal unbiased, these admins can be trusted. Second type is about being good as human. It consists from Hope, Fankine, Vlacc, LowParty, Nooby. Third type is about incomprehensible admins. These admins are Rud, Arko, Heisenburger. Rud acts only when it's useful for him. Heisenburger always puts any map which he wants in nomlist by admin's command. Arko transfers items without making sure about player who holds it. Ok let's move to playing maps. 1 problem is that 90 % players are interested only in FF maps. On my subjective opinion FF maps are just sh*t for beating them only 1 time and being satisfied. Almost whenever i join it's FF map. I know u don't care about my opinion so let's move further))). Blayt, it happens like with EUfrag when i played there. I got a lot of bans for my trolling. Currently it's 20 bans. On EUfrag i had 26). I'm grateful to NIDE because he lifted me up from B1 to B2+ level of english. On this good note i would want to end this playing on NIDE server at least for 3 months. Waiting for ur marks out of 10 about my text and indicates on my slips-up. Bb all New words which i learned while i was typing this text: incomprehensible, unbiased P.S. And as said Lenin : "Study, study and 1 more time study"
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    What song are you listening now?

  4. VasyaPupkin

    New pokemon - ze_pkmn_adventure_v8_6s_fix
  5. VasyaPupkin

    Genso Map Event

    u should lead negro
  6. VasyaPupkin

    Genso Map Event

    negro allow at least 1 grenade since start)
  7. VasyaPupkin

    Genso Map Event

    2-49 inc
  8. VasyaPupkin


    И желательно вырубить смоки, и снайперский винтовки вообще)
  9. VasyaPupkin


    Учел ошибки, awp_lego_crazyjump_2013 - эта карта просторная, нету нычек и есть куда бежать)
  10. VasyaPupkin


    gg_spin - маленькая карта, очень фановая, может подойти для немезис мода, раунды не должны на долго затягиваться.
  11. VasyaPupkin

    Diffuse#4 Event

    best event ever)
  12. VasyaPupkin

    Fix swarm mode

    ze_swarm_NIDE_v2 - слишком сложно для зомби/too hard for zombies Предложения/Suggestions: запретить все снайперские винтовки/restrict sniper weapons, сделать 100 хп для людей/ make 100 hp for humans, увеличить начальное хп зомби в 2-2.5 раза/increase beginning hp for zombies in 2-2.5 times Скрин/Screenshot :
  13. VasyaPupkin

    Карты для ze

    ze_standart_map_final_fix (для немезис мода со смоками) - ze_avp_finalbest1 (для зе прохождения) - ze_death_star_escape_v4_3 (для немезис мода со смоками) -
  14. VasyaPupkin


    Карта отлично подходит для NEMESISA
  15. VasyaPupkin

    ze_doorhug_and_solo_v6_1 new version of fun map doorhug_and_solo bugs wasn't detected best map ever))) upload it on server pls