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  1. Heisenburger

    Ивент на карте DOOM3 | DOOM3 Map Event

    first screen is from second stage win. third stage was not won, it bugged win like at stage two - or so it was said in game
  2. Heisenburger

    Ивент на карте DOOM3 | DOOM3 Map Event

    it's today? omgfxy n0000ice
  3. Heisenburger

    Shiz0 abuz

    @xXx-Juanpa-xXx sure, the start and the end part https://ibb.co/cnXT07 https://ibb.co/d2Kaf7
  4. Heisenburger

    Shiz0 abuz

    It seems Shiz0 really wanted to play westersand. around 2:10 map changed to shroom1, soon after nominations were chosen and a bit later admin changes nextmap to wester. it went smoothly through lvls, so on ex1, admin decides to forcertv and voila, wester is being played. got screens if anyone interested... just dont know how to post them
  5. so when FFVII map is being played, which means FFVII faggets are gathered on server, someone decided to make a event map vote (why??) and listed only doom3 (which was already chosen as event map, so wtf?) and paramina? gg whoever came up with such an idea
  6. what vote? there's no paramina nomination, nor to choose it in vote poll
  7. awww it's only normal, non-eternal truth mode
  8. Heisenburger

    microphone on ze

    nosteam not working mic
  9. interesting how he won, it was swarming with zombies at the end
  10. Heisenburger

    Zombie Escape server future and retarded admins

    As long as admins are not interfering with game progess, they may abuse/troll, anything else should not be tolerated unless players are fine with it. some common sense would be welcome too
  11. what's up with industrial dejavu, cant be found in nomination list on server