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  1. Heisenburger

    Dark Souls Map Event

    Well dat suck!! Cuz of this, the event schedule was set to tomorrow. well dat was a fast announcment
  2. Heisenburger

    DOOM3 Map Event

    22.09.2018, 6 pm in Moscow ( 3 pm GMT)
  3. Heisenburger

    DOOM3 Map Event

  4. Heisenburger

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    you just did, but you need to wait for pivo or someone to manage it
  5. Heisenburger

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    santa is coming to nide
  6. Heisenburger

    666 Crazy Escape Map Event

    so no event?
  7. Heisenburger

    NY Marathon Map Event

    time of event?
  8. Heisenburger

    Issue about Admin & VIP access

    yesterday in the evening the issue was still present
  9. Heisenburger

    Otakuroom Map Event

    @Pivovaric aaaaahh so that was bugging me
  10. Heisenburger

    Otakuroom Map Event

    timer is wrong by a hour on last 3 events...
  11. Heisenburger

    Questions and suggestions

    what's with dreamin, cant be nominated anyhow
  12. Heisenburger

    Ивент на карте DOOM3 | DOOM3 Map Event

    first screen is from second stage win. third stage was not won, it bugged win like at stage two - or so it was said in game
  13. Heisenburger

    Ивент на карте DOOM3 | DOOM3 Map Event

    it's today? omgfxy n0000ice
  14. so when FFVII map is being played, which means FFVII faggets are gathered on server, someone decided to make a event map vote (why??) and listed only doom3 (which was already chosen as event map, so wtf?) and paramina? gg whoever came up with such an idea
  15. what vote? there's no paramina nomination, nor to choose it in vote poll