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  1. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  2. HΣLL ™ being bad as always

    Yeah but you just let out the half truth I'm not part of this situation so whatever to me but please be honest, you also insulted and provoked
  3. HΣLL ™ being bad as always

    You forgot to add this part: which was the reason why he kicked you, you insulted first.
  4. Unban request Rexona

    Bye my friend <3 But no more cheating in the future pls
  5. Unban request Rexona

    I love you too. Peace out man.
  6. Unban request Rexona

    No reason to get angry or insult, my fellow friend. Of course you are free to play on the server and no one is stopping you, unless you are cheating. Also, maybe my KD ratio is high because I like to be a tryhard camper noob. Not a secret. You are still not innocent even though you are trying to blame me all the time.
  7. Unban request Rexona

    Now you are blaming me, even though this is about you. I have never cheated/used scripts, no vac bans etc but this conversation is pointless since it has nothing do to with this. English isn't my first language so sorry if I can't explain clear enough. I saw you aim with my own eyes when I was undercover and I do recognize what is hacking. Your aim was definitely adapting to their heads when you played with autosniper ( I don't mean normal aiming) and the crosshair mostly followed the zombies with a smallest possible range when they were running around. Simply, It is easy to claim afterwards that you were innocent. I have personally nothing against you, I just can't stand any kind of hacking.
  8. Unban request Rexona

    Hi, I spectated you with my other account for a few games and noticed that you aim was very suspicious, rather similar to the previous time you were banned. Crosshair placement and firing pattern almost every time identical/automatic when shooting zombies with rifles. Inhumane shooting skills to keep a crosshair always in same spot. Also your autosniper crosshair was somehow mystically precisely adapting to zombies heads when they were jumping and moving around. Sorry for my bad English, just hard to explain clearly : P And what comes to demos, check the banlist. Almost no bans include demos. Maybe it would be necessary to add a rule for admins that includes a mandatory demo, but it would inevitably increase our work. I have no problem with recording a video or a demo but it is pointless in clear cases. This is what I saw, and I have seen so many cheaters that I think I am brave enough to express this kind of claim and give you a ban based on that. Maybe you can next time play without any cheats or aim assist programs, because it is obvious that you used/use one. Peace.
  9. Weapons's sound

    Try !stopsound works in ZR at least
  10. This is what FPT told you last time with your reports: If you will catch REAL abuse from him - only then create a topic
  11. Yes yes normally play and normally insulting and normally coming to the server just to insult
  12. Yes, of course you are the sole victim again and did nothing wrong. You played for 5 minutes and all what you managed to say was: gay. go use you kid power admin. lol kz is sucker dick. kuz sucker dick. lol you rage? for dick?. lol kid. kiss my ass bot kid. As you can see from the video, I told you to stop provoking others. That is all what you are trying to do. You come to the server just to annoy and insult people and then cry when you get muted. Maybe it is your fault?????????