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  1. hello my name is L̶U̶C̶I̶F̶E̶R̶☢™ im 23 years old i did play counter strike source for 6 years till this moment i like zombie mod and escape server i love this forum and server <3 i speak 4 language english - arab- frensh my steam is : http://steamcommunity.com/id/LegendaryHelmi
  2. hi can i buy tough allopass or credit cards ... visa?


    1. inGame


      Buy what?

    2. helmiaxel


      admin or vip .. if you can add this method to forum since this the only way i can pay 

    3. inGame


      paypal allowing visa or no?

  3. hi i want to buy admin or vip but i cant use paypal in my country is it possible to add allopass method to forum ?

    1. Ori Lay

      Ori Lay

      I don't think so. As I know Paypal and visa are allowed. Because I don't see an option to pay with credit card or allopass..  other else.. 

  4. Touched By Sorry™

    Nickname: Touched By Sorry™, steamid: STEAM_0:1:50048324 Favoriteserver: Zombie escape Country : Tunisia