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  1. hello my name is L̶U̶C̶I̶F̶E̶R̶☢™ im 23 years old i did play counter strike source for 6 years till this moment i like zombie mod and escape server i love this forum and server <3 i speak 4 language english - arab- frensh my steam is : http://steamcommunity.com/id/LegendaryHelmi
  2. hi can i buy tough allopass or credit cards ... visa?


    1. inGame
    2. helmiaxel


      admin or vip .. if you can add this method to forum since this the only way i can pay 

    3. inGame


      paypal allowing visa or no?

  3. hi i want to buy admin or vip but i cant use paypal in my country is it possible to add allopass method to forum ?

    1. Ori Lay

      Ori Lay

      I don't think so. As I know Paypal and visa are allowed. Because I don't see an option to pay with credit card or allopass..  other else..