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  1. Issue How do i update?

    Its not auto updating where can i update it manually?
  2. Issue How do i update?

    I can't login on zombie escape and it saids: "The sever your trying to get on is running a new version of the game"
  3. so using unwanted sprays gives u a permanent bann. While using hack clients gets u 1 or 2 weeks bann wow!
  4. or where to send appeals? cause i got permanent banned by using unwanted sprays and y did i get a lifetime ban? and those hackers got 1 or 2 weeks before they're account got unbanned thats so unfair
  5. Guys. are there any ways to appeal or get your account unbanned?
  6. andrei0922

    steam id : Steam_0:1937281220 sorry wrong paste on first post
  7. andrei0922

    1. Your nickname: andrei0922 2. Your SteamID (How to find your SteamID in-game?): 76561198179887785 3. Favorite server (will activate on all servers, just for statistic): Zombie Escape 4. Where are you from?: Philippines