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  1. When this map voting is available? Every Saturday
  2. Why smoke bomb are restrict?

    You know if smoke bomb are allowed on zombie escape server, it would really be pretty fun..
  3. Issue How to buy admin

    Hello I'm aungromeyolian I been playing on the Nide Zombie Escape server for while and I think is time for me to become admin. I would love to be admin on the server of Nide. How do I buy the admin and how much it will be cost ?? My steam:: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198396894366/
  4. Introduction

    My name Lian Sian Sut. My race is "ZO Chin" I'm from a county called Myanmar which loacted in South Asia, and it close to China.But today I live in American. It been 5 year since I travel from my country.I'm 19 year old and speak 4 laguage. I really enjoyed playing game, back in my country as I remember probably when I was age of 12 I used to go to game center and used to play for money with other players. I often beat them and earn me many of cash. I'm still in school still studying but,I really enjoyed playing game so you know,. I been playing in Nide Server almost 7 month and I just find out this website somehow.. I'm looking for friends and if you would like to be friend with me, you're welcome be free to add me. IThank You. My Steam:: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198396894366/