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  1. ZM esta es mejor CT :v
  2. :v lo traduce como yo era todo el evento :v pero me refiero a que nunca me fui del evento y estuve desde el principio hasta el final
  3. :v I was the whole event :v
  4. troll zombie escape

    asd.dem the truth I do not know to which person to put of troll since there are several that are dedicated to trolling a lot lately (to see others doing it without being punished). I apologize if the demo is not very good and somewhat long,it's my first demo and the truth is already becoming very frustrating this. clarify some points since it is in Spanish. at minute 0:26 he is trying to stab but I can not between 2:40 and 3:12 some people start to see who is going to troll and what valc says to another player "look what I'm going to do" and at the last minute 3:15 begin with the toll the two at the end of the chat I tell him that I am recorded so he can stop and can see his "sacred" opinion about what he does (which is that he does not care)

    I mean the second, the first video seems normal for an admin
  6. NiDE CS:GO Zombie Escape Server

    have cs go and not play it on my computer that's sad

    the truth does not like this because with normal user would be given kick and instead you (hope) for being not admin, that's how I look at it and the end can be taken as abuse since you're worth your pocicon to do what you want on the map it bothers you hope now imagine the people who were playing when you put on those things I'm sorry if things have calmed down but I wanted to give my opinion according to the subject
  8. hello |=====-

    hola :v
  9. EVENT

    In my country it's 10:00 a.m. by moscu are 7:00 p.m. What happens is that there are people who work and most of the events are lost (for the same reason, a 7:00 p.m. time is chosen in Moscow).
  10. EVENT

    Merry Christmas
  11. (spam in the microphone) that could be taken as spam in that case