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  1. TorNix~|nR

    Free Steam Keys!

  2. TorNix~|nR

    Free Steam Keys!

    Hello everyone! I want to talk about something! some steam accounts has not many games, so here is your gift! There is a website, every minute / hour / day, they upload free steam keys, that everyone can grab! only 1 for pc You can grab some free keys, just use the link down below LINK Anything for NIDE!
  3. TorNix~|nR

    I'm TorNix~|nR

    Thank you
  4. TorNix~|nR

    [New] Zombie survival

    I think it's a great idea! it's going to be fun, I'm going there.
  5. TorNix~|nR

    I'm TorNix~|nR

    Hello NIDE CSS! I'm new here, I like this community, from today you will see me alway if you're interested, add me on steam, we can play together on zombie escape or something. Link Nice to meet you all.