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  1. Rud

    Pokemon Adventure Map Event

    Today's NiDe News Wiliam promoted to NiDe co-leader , Rud Promoted to Leader , Pivovaric Demoted to Pidaras.
  2. Rud

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    Togda pizdui ot suda)))
  3. Rud

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    @Pivovaric Razve ne International?
  4. Rud

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    @Pivovaric a po angliskii ne mojes bit leaderom?
  5. Rud


    I Dont Act When Its Usefull for me , Like , when you spammed too much , it was already 3nd warn , i gave you mute , cuz u dont listen. And respect admins please , Like you dont respect @Klixus @Batata And Alot more admins. and stop trolling/knifing zm , its already ur 18-20 ban xd
  6. Rud

    Diffuse#5 Event

    That door in pirates closed soo fast that i dont get in :(
  7. Rud


    I Think He Mean a Shop/Store Plugin , Where You Can Buy Things Like Trails , Skins , Auras and other sh*ts)
  8. Rud

    Idea About New Rank System

    Yea Okey , But That's Only A Idea If They Want I Can Try To Find It )
  9. Hello NiDe Community , I Have Great Idea For Zombie Escape Server , If @InGame Or @Pivovaric can , They Can Make New Rank System Like in Unloze , GFL , And Other Servers Like For Deffending you get points , For Triggering You Get Points , For 20 Min Straight Play You Get Points , What Do You Think?
  10. Rud

    Who is the best admin

    @Pivovaric @k1ng_ @Batata @teebee @LowParty
  11. Rud

    Genso Map Event

  12. Rud

    Genso Map Event

  13. Rud

    Solooooooooo [Ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3]

    Who Give's a sh*t?
  14. Rud

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    Krosava)))) Win INC))
  15. Rud

    Bowser Map Event