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  1. Rud

    S_A_M Map Event#2

    Krosava)))) Win INC))
  2. Rud

    Bowser Map Event

  3. ze_pidaras v2 xDDDDDD
  4. Rud

    Diffuse#2 Event

    Che xDDD
  5. Rud

    Diffuse#2 Event

    @hifielieGET REKT! XD
  6. Rud

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    We lost , cuz we didnt had an real leader , there was guys who sayd something random in mic
  7. Rud

    New Membership application by RosseZT

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  8. Rud

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

  9. Rud

    FFXII Westersand Map Event (Insane)

    @Pivovaric Maybe place this event at 7 pm in Moscow?
  10. Rud

    Post your old memories

    Yeah Randy was that guy , not my best friend but good
  11. Rud

    Post your old memories

    My very good friend video , from css v34 where are me , my friends utc , that was good memories i have to cry about it :( That is Oldsource server , he already closed :((( Love OS
  12. Rud

    New Membership application by dipindron

    Вы были приняты. Свяжитесь со мной если есть какие либо вопросы или проблемы.
  13. Rud

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    ? :D
  14. Rud

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    I Dont realy want admin , i just want to help NiDe Community , because when i played in css v34 , there was a ZE server called Oldsource , and he was alive 5 years , but in 2017 december , he closed because they didnt had money :( i have big nastalgia from it , and now i wanna help NiDe to dont close it
  15. Rud

    M3 Shotgun Bug

    Yeah you dont care , because you play css 24/7 ))