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  1. Rud

    Deadcore Map Event

    aahahahah warrior 3 solos , best deadcore player 😄
  2. Rud

    Fall of the legend.

    Rip fierce :(
  3. Rud


    Sveiki Latvieti kurs nopirka adminu!
  4. Rud

    Questions and suggestions

    Please Add This map ze_point_doom2_nav72_sg06_nw02 Its old good map , There is no lazers/bosses , just a simple good map :)
  5. Rud

    Dev Map Event

    Winners Rewarded ChivasPl - Perma Ban
  6. Rud

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    @Pivovaric nu et pravda nu igroki pokupaiut vip stobe igrat s tracerom , a iesle evo netu v 60 % kartax to kakoi smisl ot vipa?
  7. Rud

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    @InGame Maybe Install Rank System Like Unloze , And Gfl?
  8. Rud

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    @Pivovaric axcaxaxaxaaxaaxxaxaaxxa iesle tebe oni ne nravitso zdelai bind , bind l "say !tracersoff"
  9. Rud

    ZE Shop/Store plugin?

    @InGame , Maybe Need To Add Tracers In All Maps? Cuz Tracers Arent In Some Maps Like Mako Cosmo And Others
  10. Rud

    Pokemon Adventure Map Event

    Today's NiDe News Wiliam promoted to NiDe co-leader , Rud Promoted to Leader , Pivovaric Demoted to Pidaras.
  11. Rud

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    Togda pizdui ot suda)))
  12. Rud

    Santassination (Act III + Truth Mode) Map Event

    @Pivovaric Razve ne International?