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  1. are u going to addbalu
  2. ze_BALU_a1 creator by .YuukiAsuna. + 64 spawns+ Boss fight+ Traps+ 1 Stage (+ Nightmare Mode)- About Nightmare Mode, when you win stage 1,Nightmare Mode will active and you will have to play Stage 1 again,with darkfog (i created fog same like ze_santassination Extreme Mode)
  3. oh just like what happen to mako
  4. maelstrom211

    Zombie riot

    Counter Strike Source - Zombie Riot mod Zombie boss fights - YouTube the video is not mine . the video is from jan doedel
  5. maelstrom211

    Zombie riot

    Can u guys create this server zombie riot mode for CS:S
  6. this is hard can't find map lol
  7. add this map ze_gameshow_v1_2 Stage 4 finale boss tank from left 4 dead
  8. add this ze_gameshow_v1_2