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Found 7 results

  1. Its time to put on your tryhard pants and get ready because after over 2 years ______________Last Man Standing______________ is coming back! In this thread i will post the changelog of what i have done so far to make the map more playable and fix the things that are broken or not intended to happen. I also encourage the discussion about said changes via this forum. If you know someone who would like to say somthing about this topic please contact them as not all people who played this map uses this forum. Blue = Updated (see update date) Yellow = To discuss Red = OutDated / Currently Reworking [SPOILER="LMS Changelog"][/SPOILER][SPOILER="LMS Changelog"][/spoiler] [SPOILER="LMS Changelog"] Change Log Last Update : 30.August.2017 Stage 1 / Stage 1 Extreme ________________________________________ Moved tank spawn location on normal mode Fixed end_door_barrel exploding after door is already broken Fixed missle morta sound not playing Fixed Wall passable by displacement Added end vent push trigger that pushes players up/out the vent from the generator room Moved end heli path for secondary end hold Removed ladder from secondary end hold Fixed end elevator floor Fixed end elevator grate breaking dmg filter Added end elevator text Added break for crane ladder Fixed multiple respawn dumpsters enabling too early. Fixed displacment holes Stage 2 / Stage 2 Extreme ________________________________________ Moved grinder teleport location dumpster Added end/bridge/afk teleport Fixed car hitbox Added killing the cars from bridge befor escaping Deleted the ladder to the grinder bottom Fixed special human item spawn locations Deleted the 3 last bottom ladders from "Factory" area Added playerclip to second toggleable_bridge Stage 3 / Stage 3 Extreme ________________________________________ Deleted helper pipe for first door button Delayed the lower doors from opening at the loud elevators Reduced the random spawn timer of the elevator pipes Increased the spawn rate of the broken pipes Added boss fight camera Fixed boss fight camera Stage 4 / Stage 4 Extreme ________________________________________ Moved the outside fuelspawn on the wall Added train teleport for zombies Added teleporter to the destroyed fuel_tank_truck Change escape heli waiting time to 15 Stage 5 / Stage 5 Extreme ________________________________________ Change mother zombie ratio to 32 General ________________________________________ Fixed juggernaut filter Fixed white superior ending credit textures Removed unused speedbuff models Fixed human item description Fixed human item spawn location Deleted direction signs Fixed special items not getting nuked Decreased the admin room button delay Added score to the generator activator Fixed some fade distances on models [/SPOILER] If you want to check the map in editor you can download it HERE Its the original file that Kaemon uploaded on his blog. I hope you guys are interested in this map getting worked on again and i will invite all the people to the private beta test who are willing to participate and writing a short thing here what they would like to change or fix in the upcoming version. Dont forget to spread the word and ill see you on the other side Help messeges from hannibal in the pre warmup round: some might be outdated REACHING A CHECKPOINT MEANS THE STAGE WILL NOT REPEAT IF YOU LOOSE YOU PLAY THE NEXT ONE THE FINAL STAGE EXPERIENCE WILL DEPEND COMPLETELY ON HOW YOU PLAYED THE PREVIOUS ONES YOUR ACTIONS WILL CHANGE THE NEXT ROUNDS EVENTS AND REWARDS! MASTER THE MAP TO UNLOCK EXTREME FOUR TEAMS WILL TURN THE GENERATORS! A FIFTH ONE WILL ACTIVATE THE ZOMBIE MASS CURE! THINK YOUR ACTIONS! BE FAST! PLAY COOP! SOME SITUATIONS REQUIRE SKILLS AND SOME SACRIFICE! NO TELEPORTS AND NO INVISIBLE WALLS! GO WHEREVER YOU WANT! NO MASS TELEPORTS! PLAY AS YOU WANT BUT DONT FORGET THE COUNTDOWN TO THE NUKE WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU! UNLOCKING EXTREME REQUIRES YOU TO COMPLETE AT LEAST THE 50% OF EVENTS ZOMBIES TIP: THE ENVIRONMENT IS YOUR ALLY! THERE IS ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE PATH HUMANS TIP: EACH ONE OF THE FIRST FOUR STAGE HAVE A GENERATOR. YOUR OBJECTIVE IS TURNING THEM ON ZOMBIES TIP: SOME ZOMBIE ITEMS ARE POWERFUL BUT THEY REQUIRE TO BE USED PROPERLY! EXPLOSIONS ARE MEANT TO HURT BOTH TEAMS THE MOST OF CASES! BE CAREFUL A GLOBAL NUKE WILL ANNIHILATE EVERY HUMAN AFTER 9 MINUTES EVEN A SINGLE HUMAN CAN CHANGE THE GAME! THE FUTURE IS NOT WRITTEN IN STONE! THE CONTAINERS FULL OF BODIES WILL BE THE STARTING POINT OF RESPAWNED ZOMBIES
  2. Здрасте.Не знал куда писать о багах-пишу сюда. На карте ze_trainstation_tunnels_a2 баг со спавном зомби-сколько играл на сервере-когда бой происходит на данной карте,зомби появляются прямо в толпе cs,что практически всегда ведёт к проигрышу.Как результат-карта банально непроходима.
  3. Mapping entWatch

    I ask if u update entWatch maps cfg or no... If u dont i can make some maps.cfg.... Just tell me which maps on server have cfg and which map need it and i can make them
  4. Hello komrades, I've been playing on your server for a while and I've noticed that you've been missing a few of my favorite maps, now i don't know how many of them you can actually install, and add to the server. But please take a look. Maybe some of them are already on the server, but in all the time I've been playing, I havn't played any of them once. I've rated them on how much i enjoy them. ze_deathstar_escape_v4_3 http://gamebanana.com/maps/109132 BEAST MAP! IF you can install it, this is a good map. 9/10 ze_paper_escaper http://gamebanana.com/maps/164614 This is an alright map, i enjoy playing even now and then, a lot of old players know this one. 6/10 zm_artic_escape_v1 http://gamebanana.com/maps/37157 You might already have this map, but this is a pretty good escape & run map. Not that hard 2 learn. 7/10 ze_indiana_jones_V4a_004 http://gamebanana.com/maps/118186 Legendary map, takes some time to learn, but it's really good 9/10 ze_flying_world_v2 http://gamebanana.com/maps/164158 This is an okay map, if you can have it, it's cool, if not alright. 6/10 ze_parking_v3_1 http://gamebanana.com/maps/159159 GOOD map! 9/10 ze_mirrors_edge_v2 http://gamebanana.com/maps/146395 This map is kinda hard for the really bad players, it's kinda like surf, but then not again. Once you've played it a couple of times, its not that hard 8/10 ze_space_station http://gamebanana.com/maps/50204 6/10 nothing much 2 say, alright map. ze_firewall_laboraty_v1c http://gamebanana.com/maps/144195 This is an old school map 7/10 ze_paradise_v1 http://gamebanana.com/maps/59866 A good old run map, 8/10 ze_thelostworld_redux http://gamebanana.com/maps/62172 Jurrasic park map, good one! 7/10 ze_LOTR_helms_deep_v5 http://gamebanana.com/maps/103454 It's kinda like the other Lord of the rings maps, a good old classic. 8/10 ze_potc_v3_4fix http://gamebanana.com/maps/116036 Another pirates of the carribean maps! 8/10 Sorry for the long post, but i was suprised you didn't have these maps, and i kinda miss playing them, when I'm on your server. @Hobbitten Will know 99% of them, and he 2 will agree bout these maps There u go, am i in the right thread?
  5. Начал делать новую карту по игре Dragon Quest Heroes предположительно будет 4 уровня (easy, hard, extreme, legend) 5 итемов - (wind, ice, fire, poison, heal) Так же будет система прокачек итемов допустим в начале вы подняли итем heal он исцеляет на 150 хп на карте будут сундуки подойдя к которым вы получите дополнительный бонус к итемам допустим сундук с бонусом +15% от итема подняв его в следующий раз итем heal будет давать 165 хп такая же история и с другими итемами По боссам пока-что не придумал но они будут точно Начал делать меньше недели назад вот первые скрины
  6. Весной 2016 года я закончил свою первую карту ze_Alien_Shooter_v6_2 для CS:S Немного о карте: 1 Босс (alien) 5 итемов (Ветер, лёд, огонь, электро, хил) На карте имеется 1 уровень но она не такая простая как кажется на первый взгляд кому было бы интересно посмотреть вот ссылочка - http://gamebanana.com/maps/191024 Так же она есть на нашем Zombie Escape сервере в номинации
  7. Что бы нужный игрок (кто подобрал материю) активировал материю, ему присваивается targetname через AddOutput при поднятии оружия. Далее он нажимает припарентеную кнопку и кнопка вызывает теста filter_activator_name и запускает материю. И такая система на всех картах. С другой стороны, игрок выкидывает материю и... его targetname по-прежнему сохраняется. А это значит, что он, не имея материи, может активировать эту или другую материю в руках другого игрока (просто потому что фильтр с его targetname пройдет). И такая система во многих картах ( в тех же пиратах). Были ли способы решить эту проблему? Или остаётся надеяться, что игроки так не поступят.